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  1. Derren brown is back with and he is more mysterious than ever. The show is just creppy, funny and leaves you with a sense of mystery for sure. If you love mentalism and Derren Brown's take on it, the you gotta check this out. This WILL blow your minds ...
  2. Thank you so much! I'm not much of a mentalism guy but I seriously respect Derren Brown. I watched his stage show "An Evening of Wonders" on YouTube a while ago and I literally applauded him in front of my computer screen at 1 in the morning. His shows are so brilliantly constructed and performed. He is so much more entertaining than Copperfield and his shows just have that certain "real" feeling.........:D
  3. I need a condom for my brain, because I just got mind f***ed.....
  4. That was freakin' hilarious!! Well he does look like he's masterbaiting... oh and there's max he looks a bit further ahead!

    That was just... incredible. Amazing. Astounding. As Jacob said, it just mind f***ed me.
  5. The Living Memory one was nice. Jerked a tear to my eye. It was indeed well done method and all!
  6. I'll echo you on this Will, such a strong presentation. Really really great.
  7. if a tear did not come to your eye on this trick ... you are just not human... this is a great show, not the ending I was expecting with everyone keeping it secret, I was kind of expecting more of the finally but the show itself was very well structured
  8. dear lord sweet freakin' jesus...

    I don't think words can describe how utterly astonished I am right now...

  9. I went to see this show in London, and the lady that was called up for the Living Memory trick had a really strong reaction too. It was a real moment. If you read Absolute Magic, you'll see how important Derren considers the personal touch to be in his effects. With this, he really shows you what he means. It becomes something way more than a magic trick.
  10. I think there's a misconception about what Derren does. I know a lot of people want to present magic just like he does. For many people who are ignorant about the subject of mentalism, he's seen as "the best", as in the one with the best tricks. The fact is when you read Absolute Magic you won't get it the first time, or the second. Maybe not even the twentieth time you read it. He's got a very thorough understanding of theater and presentation, and that's what makes his magic SO good.
  11. I cried while watching. I want to stop doing magic and mentalism now and wanna die. Seriously!
  12. What's brilliant about Derren is he's elevated magic and mentalism above the mere display of effects, into something truly personal, intimate, challenging, and dramatic. And, in a lot of cases, he's done this with incredibly basic effects which anyone can learn. I would say that the most important lesson to take away from his success, is that the tricks are secondary to the character you create. He's not "the guy who does [insert trick name]", in the way that some magicians might be "the guy who produces doves", or "the guy who eats lightbulbs", he's just "Derren Brown" a man who's own persona is the draw.
  13. Until now I'm still touched by this.
  14. I feel for ya man...I can't imagine what the woman on stage helping him with the "Grandpa's Box" deal was feeling
  15. You want a standard to which your presentations should be compared against.... Well there you go. THAT'S the standard right there.

    Maybe we should do an SNC here one week about taking a simple trick, say out of Mark Wilsons course in magic, and making it personal.
  16. I actually had that thought said to me the other day by Harold Ross. Doing a video based not on "trick creation" which is the big thing right now. Instead, giving a few magicians the same effect, or even the same kids magic set and having them try to come up with the best presentation for the effects.
  17. Wow I just noticed something - rewatch the first 30 seconds of the video.

    Derren says this - "...or maybe a holiday destination you'd most like MCFLY to..."

    Anyone else catch that? lol
  18. I caught it too.

    It gives all the kids something to hold on to.
  19. And there in lies Derren's genius. He gives you a 'method' you can believe. In reality, this probably had little to do with how the effect worked, but it's these little touches that elevate what he does beyond puzzles to be solved.

  20. this video made me tingle in spots i didnt know exist

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