Derren Brown Events: Loses 5 grand is it real...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goku, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I was wondering who thought that derrens loosing of £5000 was real or a way of convincing us all that what he does is real. I cant decided so was wondering what you guys thought.

    So what do you think?

    Either way it was a surprising ending.
  2. I'd be surprised if it was a way of convincing that the rest was real, because I think he will lose quite a bit of credibility with casual viewers now. You're right though, surprising ending either way.
  3. But we cant forget the lengths that he has gone through before to convince people.
  4. I understand your point, and I agree, he has gone to great lengths before, and only 1 off, almost perfect. I find it odd though that he's presented himself as predicting a 14 million to 1 sequence on the lottery but not being able to predict a 37 to 1 roullete spin. Unless ofcourse, he did fix the lottery, or there was some other explanation for that.
  5. I remember reading in one of derrens books that someone (forget who but I believe the person is credible and known) wrote down a method for roulet on a napkin or something while trying to explain it to derren. Derren said he had it framed in his office and hoped to deciver it someday so...:confused:
  6. Yeah, I was reading this the other day too, it was in Tricks of the Mind. But the name also escapes me, I'll have a look later.

    However, I doubt this is the method*, it's far too analytical - and didn't the guy promise it was to be a 100% sure-fire thing?

    Either way, I did enjoy the show. Derren holds a great persona.

    -Sam H

    *Well, I hope this isn't the method. I would expect something much more... magical.
  7. Now that you both mention it, I vaguely remember reading that. Ifhe did do whatever was written on that napkin, it must have been something other than how he was claiming to do it, I don't think it's possible for somebody to mentally calculate all of the variables involved in such a short period of time. However he did it, it was impressive.
  8. I'm almost certain it was deliberate. It would have been easy to get it spot on. I'm not sure of the motives to getting it wrong, though. Maybe time will tell?

    Consider this, though. As well as there being a foolproof method to achieving the correct number (In fact, I thought of two off the top of my head which fit in with what we saw in the show), making the finale of the entire series based around getting a 1 in 37 prediction correct is a bit of a low to end on even if he did get it right. Certainly not newspaper worthy. However, an anticlimax such as this is certainly took everybody by surprise and has already got people talking. Who knows, this might even make it into the papers given the coverage of the lottery prediction.

  9. Fairly sure it was most certainly deliberate.
    Shows that Derren is human after all.
  10. I think this could possibly have been pre recorded. at 10:10pm last night, 10 minutes after Derren went off air, still inside the casino. He (allegedly himself) posted on his blog, saying thank you to people who watched The Events. I find it very unlikely that he had time to leave the casino, get to a computer and write that post out. So either somebody on his staff posted it under his name, or it was pre recorded.

    If it was pre recorded, then it was definately intentional to get it wrong.
  11. Hey guys,

    My brother said to me when it was over that at least it seems more real. He is a skeptic. From the words or a laymen.
  12. The guy with the roulette system was David Berglas, just in case anyone's wondering.
  13. I was wondering about that so thank you for posting.
  14. Derren often updates his blog through his iphone, so its entirely possible he could have done it soon after leaving the casino.

    As for the stunt, you need to remember that earlier in the episode he told us the casinos have a way of detecting electronic equipment being brought into the casino. How then, did he manage to sneak a camera in up his sleeve?

    Also, if he had hit the right number im sure word would have got back to the casino and they could have had him arrested for scamming, or at least forced him to pay the money back.

    Being one away is like saying ' I could have done it, but for many reasons i didnt do it '.

    Also, think of what would have happened if he hit? How impressed would you have been? Im sure then a load of wild theories like controlling the ball or the croupier being in on it would have come out.

    Mentalists often miss on purpose, i think this is an example of that.
  15. Yeah I was wondering about the camera myself.
  16. I see your point, I didn't think abou iphones and such. I suppose that's very possible. I didn't catch him say about the electronic equipment thing, but you raise a good point with that.

    About the legality of what he was doing, you make another good point. If he was genuinely calculating everything in his head and doing just what he said (which is rarely the case) then there would to, my knowledge, be nothing illegal about that. Just like counting cards, it's mathematics, not illegal or against the rules, just the casinos themselves don't like it. Ofcourse they could still kick him out just like they can for counting cards.
  17. Derren is a master of suggestion, he could of just told the dude he didnt have a camera and he would have believed it.

  18. *Sigh*

    (word count)
  19. LOL. He's not Obi Wan Kenobi..."This isn't the camera you're looking for."
  20. Ino that, he could of done it some where along the lines of that.


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