Derren Brown

Jan 8, 2010
He has a couple dvds I believe and a book. All of which are reasonably hard to find.

The VHS I have is called "The Devil's Picturebook" but I think it's available on dvd now and the book is called "Pure Effect".
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May 28, 2010
There are three Derren Brown releases.

The first of which was Pure Effect, a book released in conjunction with his lecture tour (the lecture itself use to be available from his website but i don't think it is any more [it was about £30]). This book mainly comprises of effect as one or two essays on how he thinks magic should look and feel (incidentally the first edition of this book was a ring binder and contained two effects later removed from the second and third editions because Derren still uses them, these are unbelievably rare and hard to find (i have a second edition that set me back about £140)

After Pure Effect came Absolute Magic a fantastic book on performance and thoughts on how to make mind reading and other magic not only believable but elegant and resonant so that it stays with your participants long after the actual details of the trick are lost (there is little to no effects in this book but it is one of the best books i have ever owned and has been instrumental in shaping the way that i perform and behave) these are again pretty rare and my copy was about £150 but i think its a awesome book.

Most recently came The Devils Picturebook which is a DVD teaching effects from his old card repertoire and a few mind reading effects too. (last time i checked you could still get this from his website but you had to answer a magic history question to access the page, if i remember the question was 'what is the real name of the magician know as the professor' it was about £30)

the short answer to your question is that Smoke in both The Devils Picturebook and Pure Effect
Hope I helped
Feb 4, 2008
If you manage to hustle up a copy you will love it. He has some really nice effects in Pure Effect. He also has some excellent essays on performance as well. He is also a very witty writer so it is a fun read. Troll e-bay. Copies of it pop up from time to time. The mentalism in those two books isn't to much to get excited about. His best material on Mentalism is published under another name.
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