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  1. Everyone knows who Derren Brown is right? I'm curious as to what people's thoughts are of him. I personally think he's an awesome performer and gives magic a good name. I watched his television special where he claimed to stop his pulse by certain means he told the audience, but I have the explanation of the effect which is by Luke Jermay, which is different. It's interesting how convincing he can sound when he apparently explains his effects to audiences which are misdirections themselves. Anyway, now that that tangent is over, I bought the Devil's Picture Book, which is the collection and explanation of his personal card effects, and they are some of the most brilliant and lovely card effects I've come across especially the one about the rose petals which is my all time favorite effect. Just curious if anyone has this DVD collection and what your thoughts are on it as well.
  2. Yes, ladies are suckers for Zaniel's Card
  3. I have the devils picturebook and its awesome, recommend it to anyone
  4. Yeah? I might think about it then...
  5. He is Amazing !
  6. Its a shame he doesn't do muh close up magic anymore, he used to work in a resteraunt here in my home town.
    But i didnt know about him then:p

    His DVD is very good and some of the routines are amazing,the man is an amazing thinker

    Many thanks

    Daniel Chard
  7. Just wandering, where did you get 'the devils picture book' from? I've checked his website and was led to believe that all his old material (including his books 'pure effect' and 'absolute magic') were out of print so that laymen couldn't get them.

    If you could give me a source as to where to buy the DVD I would greatly appreciate it.

  8. Does Luke Jermay have a pulse-stopping effect too? hmm.. I just use Control by WH. It's not that good though because some people have trouble finding my pulse to start with and when i slow it people just say "Oops, I lost it." Rather frustrating 'cause i think it's like a miracle, but anyways. Getting on topic, derren brown is absolutely awesome! I have got a few of his books but I'm yet to read them 'cause I've been busy. Can't wait to start though!
  9. The Devil's Picture Book can be purchased directly from Derren at his site.
    You have to answer a simple question to enter the area and once inside you can get either the DVD or VHS (still) versions.
    He also offers international shipping.

    As for Derren himself, well I think he is amazing.
    I went to his last live show an it was a phenominal experience, he's such a great performer and his routines are fantastic.
  10. Derren Brown has been constant inspiration to me since I first heard about him and watched his Mind Control specials. His thinking and methodology has become far superior to many of the top greats today, which it what makes him so unique to everyone. When I met him at FISM, he seemed to have a presence that couldn't be matched; never before have I seen so much charisma from such a single person.

    Keep it up Derren. :)


  11. What are some of the effects taught on this dvd?


  12. Hey Jeremy,

    Here's a nice review I thought may clear things up for you. Not only does he explain what the contents are, but also wat he feels about them.

    Click here to check out the review.

    Take care,
  13. Thanks Jordan!

    All you have to do is go to the magician's section in his website, but here is a direct link for you.
  15. Luker Jermay

    You have to find a site that sells Luke's stuff like penguinmagic or something. It's a very simple yet very effective trick. Once you know it, if you watch Derren's in his stage show Something Wicked This Way Comes, you'll see what I'm talking about. As far as finding pulses go, tell people to put their two fingers on your wrist right below your thumb, in line with it.
  16. Derren is an amazing performer. I've been wanting to get some of his material. Some of you make Devil's Picture Book sound pretty good so I might have to pick it up. Anyone want to trade me pure effect for a deck of bikes? Haha I'll love you forever.
  17. Lol good luck with that :D

    And yeah defiantly worth picking up
  18. Derren Brown is fantastic.
    He's a terrific magician, who gives magic a good name.
  19. And a great sense of humour too!

    I can definitely reccommend the DVD.
    I picked it up early last year, and when I attended FISM, with Jordan, we met him.
    I approach him with the DVD and a Sharpie, and he autographs the inside of the "paper insert" that's in the cover, and he writes the following:

    "Allan's personal copy of "The Devil's Picturebook"

    Thank you for all your inspiration, I owe you everything.

    Derren Brown - FISM 2006."

    I mean.. That man is just so random. And brilliant.


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