Derren Brown's Pure Effect and Absolute Magic?

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  1. Hello everyone!

    A friend of mine offerd me to buy theese two books from him becaus hes not very good att english and found them to be too hard to read.

    Iv seen alot of people saying that they loves the books and iv seen them go on ebay really expensive.

    Whats so good about them? i know that they arent books with just effects in.
  2. They're from Derren Brown and they're both discontinued. Of course there is few dynamite effects also and some great thinking
  3. I was recently looking at this product and I had read many reviews and in many of the reviews it said for it to be any song you needed an assistant and if you were doing it solo you needed to force the song.
  4. This post makes no sense in this context.
  5. Both his magic books, Pure Effect and Absolute Magic, are outstanding reads that have completely changed my approach to magic. I don't use any of the tricks themselves in Pure Effect (although he has some tidy pieces in there), but the way he talks about turning tricks into magic is spot on. If you can get them at a good price, I wouldn't think twice. His dvd is well worth a watch too, if you're after a more affordable insight into his work.

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