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    hey everyone this a review for kevin parker's coin thru glass descent.

    descent By
    kevin parker

    price:$17 for download and $24.95 for DVD

    Where At?

    What They Say:
    This is a visual coin-through-glass that does not require magnets, wires, strings, threads, special coins, or special tables. The magician borrows a coin, drops it in the middle of the table, and pushes it through, the coin visibly landing in his empty hand underneath the table. The coin can even be signed, and the coin, with signature on it, is clearly seen in the magician's hand after it falls through the table. With just your bare hands and a coin, you are achieving this.

    use any kind of coin

    different objects can be used; candy, paperclips, etc.

    Easy to perform.

    Thoughts: this is a great trick very clever and easy to do and will get u great reactions ive preformed it 3 times already and loving it more and more every single time i do it and it takes literally 1.098453204583094 :p seconds to set up

    Teaching:the teaching is really good very easy to follow along im pretty sure you wont have any problems with the teaching :)

    Applications:he teaches first a coin thru table and then a signed coin thru table yep its thats good and also a borrowed coin.
    Quality: well the quality isnt great but as long as i can learn it i dont really give a damn.

    final thoughts: i recommend this to anyone its is a really good price for something this easy and good i hope all of you guys enjoy this like i did have fun performing this!


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