Desperate Acts of Magic

Hey guys. Seriously get out there and help pimp this movie. Don't do it because Joe Gold is an amazing director or because he loves magic. Don't do it because I said so, or because a lot of talented magicians (including myself) are featured in it. Do it because this movie is awesome and it promotes the art in a good way.
Jan 20, 2009
I do no care who is in the movie or not in it. it actually seemed like a very good movie i would definitely
spend the hour and half or two hours to watch it. i was very impressed in the trailer. weather if makes it on the
big screen or not im going to support it.
Apr 11, 2011
Desperate Acts of Magic Update

The feature film Desperate Acts of Magic will play at the Quad Cinema in New York City from May 3rd - May 9th and at the Laemmle Noho 7 in Los Angeles from May 10th - May 16th.

This movie features professional magicians such as Jonathan Levit, Rob Zabrecky, Farrell Dillon, Brian Gillis, Hiawatha Johnson Jr., Tom Ogden, Eric Buss and many more. The lead magic consultants were Tony Clark and David Regal. The magic tricks were performed with no special effects.

Free posters will be given out at screenings in NYC from May 3rd - May 5th and in Los Angeles from May 10th - May 12th. There will be Q&A sessions with the filmmakers in NYC after the 7:30pm screening on May 3rd and 4th and the 1pm screenings on May 4th and 5th. Q&A sessions with the filmmakers in Los Angeles will be after the 7:45 screenings on May 10th and 11th and after the 1pm screening on Sunday. Magicians will perform throughout the opening weekends in New York City and Los Angeles.
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