Desperately seeking info re: Infomercial for Magic Tricks shown in the 1980’s or 90’s: any help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Magickaren, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. Memory fades, but distinct memory of infomercial (likely shown late night) of young magician doing street/restaurant type tricks with (seemingly) everyday objects like matches. He was excellent/commercial really entertaining. I have always regretted not buying his product. I don’t think it aired very long. I’ve searched the internet, but simply can’t come up with his name, or name of his DVD’s/VHS tapes(?). Driving me crazy!! Can anyone else recall seeing such? It could have aired in early 2000’s also? Timeline is fuzzy, but haven’t been many public infomercials selling magic that I can recall. I’m hoping one of you remember seeing, & have better recall than me? Maybe one of you own the product? If not, anyone know of another source I can check? Thanks!
  2. I don't know if he ever did an infomercial, but Gregory Wilson does the kind of magic you described. Maybe check him out?
  3. As long as you saw the infomercial in North America, I believe you're describing Larry Anderson's Jaw Droppers. It still available at some dealers for around $20.00 .

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