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  1. WHo is De'vo? is it really Michael Ammar ?
    can someone plz tell me its been buggin me for a long time
  2. De'vo vom schattenreicj sp? is one of the leading card manipulators in the world, he has taken part in the ulmen trials and I believe has completed up to the 8th challenge...

    His work is amazing, you can search him on youtube and you'll see some awesome videos.
  3. no i actually have dering , Xtreme beginerz and the cobra cut dvd but why do people say hes michael ammar?
  4. oh, lol, my haven't heard people say that, if so, I'm not sure, but he's definately a different person, at least in my beliefs.
  5. Thanks for making my day. :D

    I never saw Ammar wear any of those army-rings when I met him.

    As for De'vo, he's keeping his identity out due to the fact he wants to keep his card-stuff separate from his life outside of cards. I also heard it's got to do a bit with army, he's a member of the air force and the people there associate card-stuff with clowns, and it's looked down upon there. Of course everyone is curious about who he is, you always want to have what you don't have, and if someone is hiding something from you, of course you want to know what it is.

    I respect him a lot for what he's contributed to the card-scene.
  6. Micheal Ammar is not De'vo. I am D'evo.
  7. And "I am the mindfreak! Mind Freak! Mind Freak! Are you ready?"
  8. Mr. Criss Angel,

    I just wanted you to know how big of a fan I am. I have seen all of your Mindfreak eposides, and have all the seasons on VHS, DVD, HD-DVD, and Blu-ray.

    Its a pleasure to meet you. :D


  9. Now watch, watch, watch, watch, watch!*nothing happens*, now that would of been cool, huh:)? Now, watch!*vanishes half of myself. * "HOLY SH*T!!"
    P.S. It's De'vo Vom Schattenreich. He's My Jakyl.:cool:
  10. Devo vanwhatever INVENTED ( or fabricated) the "ulman trials".

    Curtis "Miles of Magic"
  11. Nah... Just some of inventions are in it, just becaus they are so hard. And he is friends with some of the Ulmens.
  12. He didn't create the Ulmen trials, but he helped bring them to life and has competed in them...but no one has completed them to this day.
  13. Care to elaborate further on this Curtis? I've only heard rumours, but I'd definitely like to hear it from you.

  14. i thought he just made them up for the dvd
  15. I personally believe that the Ulmen Trials are just something that De'vo came up with.. kind of like building his own stage. Sure, "to this day" no one has completed the trials... it dates back hundreds of years.. do you REALLY think people were doing stuff like this hundreds of years ago? Because as history would have it, hundreds of years ago, cups and balls would get you hanged ^_^

    I agree with Miles, it's fabricated... kind of like how I believe Daniel Madison wasn't put in the hospital for counting cards and thus developing flourishes with a broken hand...

    but that's just me

    By the way, I'm Santa Claus and I'm having a beer with Elvis, Andy Kaufman, and Jimmy Hoffa
  16. All I know is De'vo has some serious chops, and really pushes the envelope.

    If the Ulmen is true or not, it doesn't negate the fact that he's one influential mofo!

    Personally, I get excited when he releases anything because the guy has MUCHO style.

    Getting back to the original question about De'vo being Michael Ammar -- it offers a funny graphic in my head but the answer is - No.


    ps. Wouldn't it be great to watch Ammar bust a Cobra cut live? For fun, ask him to attempt it next time you see him. I will!


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