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  1. Has anyone seen the face of De'Vo . it so strange ive never seen a picture of him with his face clear, its always blurred?:eek:

    If u have a pic plz post it :D
  2. Who cares about devo? hes a jerk.
  3. there are lots of guesses as to who he is but I don't think anyone knows really.
  4. seriously if i ever get the chance to talk to him im going to say "Dude...It's only cards(and XCM)....It's not that big of a're no black op alright...?"
  5. Don't shoot the messenger because this pic was posted on different magic forums a few years ago by someone else.

    It looks like him if you go by the picture of De'vo doing magic for a group of people that was also going around.

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  6. Man you are sooo right. I found out he believes xcm artists can do birthday parties too. And he also believes cards and coins were meant for flourishing only.
  7. Whatever your personal opinion of him is, there is no denying he's a genius when it comes to flourishing, and even some magic too. I still use De'Ring in my restaurant work...

    And from talking with him online a time or two, he's NEVER come across as a jerk. He's always been VERY nice and willing to help....and that's the truth.

  8. I think it's quite natural to want to see what you're not allowed to see, of course you get curious about the contents of a box if someone says you can't look inside it.

    But he wants his private life and his card-life kept apart, and that's the reason he doesn't show his face. There is one thing around that I know is definitely his face, but I'm not going to be bursting his bubble due to a small mistake he did.
  9. I think that the only people that know him are Jerry and people who tried the Ulmen trials.
  10. And that guy Q.
  11. Yes De'vo does try to keep is face hidden many people have posted fake photos of him and interviews. Dont worry He does have a face, and if you want to learn more about him than check out If you want to meet him you have to get in to XCM and fly out to Germany or meet him when he is in the US, he comes here every so often to do shows and hang with his bros. You can read about it at his site. P.S. I don’t think he is a jerk he is just very passionate about the art. He has put a life time of work in bring XCM to the mainstream and really wants it to be taken seriously.
  12. I heard smewhere (THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED! JUST A RUMOUR!!!) that he;s part of the army and if they found out it would be bad for him. (Probably not kicked out. but it's pretty thier eyes I mean)
  13. he's bush :) hahahahaha xD can u imagine? hahhaha
  14. I believe he posted that over on the Ellusionist forums.......don't quote me on it, but pretty sure. He mentioned that cards and magic are often looked down upon where he lives, so he tries to keep both aspects of his life separate.

    Regardless though, he's a genius when it comes to XCM, and basically flourishing anything. Don't let your personal opinion of him hinder the chance to learn from him......but then again, that would affect no one but yourself.

  15. and if he is hitler? :O just kidding

    I like his moves, not his style nither the term XCM
  16. De'vo isn't bad.

    He used to do magic a long time ago then stopped and did more flourishes and coined xcm.
  17. not sure where i heard it from but i heard that he says that the reason he doesnt show his face is because it doesnt matter. he doesnt use his face to do his flourishes he uses his hands and thats what he wants all of the focus on is his hands
  18. I think that De'vo is the Gatsby of cards.... (Only reply to that if you've read 'the great gatsby')

    anyways, I think he might be putting out different fake stories. but I like Devo. Even though he;s online like once every couple of months. and he's too busy to chat but still. he's cool.
  19. all this specuation and no one to confirm any of it.. this is what he probably loves.. he's said himself in the E forums that his hands are his stage so his face shouldn't matter

    I personally think the ulmen trials are fake. Sure there's a place called Ulmen in Germany, doesn't mean there are secret trials with hooded men, candles, every eclipse of the moon, just to see who's better at riffle shuffling cards with their feet is kind of out there. For all anyone knows, he's probably 35-40 guy that uses his real name (or even another stage name) when he performs.

    Who cares really? (besides the first post) I do agree that De'vo is a genius at what he does but at the same time, I also agree that curiosty tends to take over.
  20. De'vo is a genius. Love him or hate him he has contributed a lot of orignal flourishes to card manipulation and deserves a lot more respect than a lot of people give him. Calling him a jerk is naive, foolish and idiotic, as you don't know him. If anything, you probably know more of his legacy, and so should show some respect to him.

    Sorry if that was a rant, but I really dislike the amount of peopel that rag on him for the ticket on the bandwagon.


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