DG in Las Vegas - Shot of the Set List

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. Just a quick pic of the set list for our shoot today on the streets of Las Vegas with Daniel Garcia - written on my hand:

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  2. Sweeeeet. I could hardly read the list, nor could I make heads or tails of what any of that would look like, but it's DG...it has to be good! Hehe. :)
  3. thank you for they amazingly readable text on your arm!
  4. hey anyone knows what's writen on the CEO's hand??? is that a guardian?? or something else??? and guys its j. bayme's "666" post....

  5. Do i smell a multiple effects dvd with Mr Garcia?
  6. Looks like.. Stairway... without the 'a' :confused:
  7. That was your 666th post
  8. I would say another trilogy. judging by this post in the cafè
  9. Anyone heard of the "methods" dvd's DG will be coming out with?? He had an interview with Wayne Kawamoto on Real Magic Quarterly with Jay Sankey on its cover ( i forgot what volume it was) any way does any body know what happened with that?? is this "method"?? or is this completely something else???

  10. if 'methods' is his new trilogy then most likely (two 16 hour shooting days in a row usually points to multiple DVD's)
  11. I KNow What neco is talkin' bout. I Am Pretty sure that is the project their workin' on
  12. I would guess multiple effect DVDs, but if was another trilogy i think he would make that himself...Maybe like a mini series of effects?
  13. 44 Stairway, Front Scene. Just a guess.

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