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  1. Hey, I'm wondering if anyone knows anywhere one can purchase a book or DVD which teaches Dice control. I'm not talking about Dice stacking, but methods of throwing dice so that the magician can control the outcome. Could be used in a gambling expose or some such.
    Let me know
  2. my recomendation might not be the best but marlo has a book called dice decptions (may be wrong) by marlo that is good.

    steve forte in gambling protections has a dice contol called The Legendary shot where you contol the outcome. You can see in in the book or gps in the bonus section or just get the book.
  3. That's a sick skill.
  4. It's out of print now, but you can still track down copies of "Dice Holdout Methods for Magicians" by Jerry Mentzer. He explains various methods used to control dice when using a dice cup to roll them. George Joseph exposes a few moves in the "Cheating at Craps" and "Cheating at Backgammon" DVDs. You can see the most amazing controls on Steve Forte's "Gambling Protection Series" DVDs.

    And that youtube video? There's a reason why, when you demonstrate dice control, you do something like run the numbers starting with 1 and ending with 6 (or 2 to 12 with two dice), or you roll the same combo 10 times in a row. All this "I'm going to throw a seven, now a four, now a four again, now a ten, now a five" is ridiculous voice over crap.
  5. Dice Deceptions is a little booklet by Audley Walsh, but it doesn't teach any genuine controlled shots, it's just stacking, switches etc.

    For real controlled shots, have a look at Steve Forte's GPS, or Ed Marlo's Shoot the Works.
  6. Yes that it Shoot the Works from Marlo.

    Why in the hell I was thinking Dice Deceptions
  7. are the controls in shoot the works from the cup or from the hand?
  8. Another good source is Scarne, he has written an array of books on gambling, cheating at gambling, and making the already uneven odds work for you. Look up "Scarne on Dice" its a whole book on crooked and controlling dice. It wont cost a fortune either, since it is considered educational more than magical.

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