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  1. Can anyone turn me on to any magic done with “straight” dice?

    Many thanks
  2. "Rhine's Dice," available on this very website, is a wonderful set of 2 effects done with "straight" dice.

    I've long been looking for a 3rd effect, to "round out" a set of dice effects, myself.
  3. I bought Rhines Dice the moment it came out and was not disappointed. Like Will, I am also looking for a third effect to have that perfect "rule of 3" set and I believe I found something that works for me.
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  4. I like Rhines Dice as well, I have not performed it for anyone because I never carry dice with me but I like the whole idea. Plus it led to me looking more into ESP and Zener Cards, etc... which I find very interesting! Would love to find more dice tricks to work with these 2 effects but haven't spent any time looking.
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  5. Edwin Sachs published "Changing Die" in his book Sleight of Hand in 1877. (The idea of using a paddle move to show the same side of a die twice was an old idea even back then.)

    Decades later, Bruce Elliott published an improved version called Sack's Spotted Sorcery - Phoenix #152, p. 615. That's the one you want to start with. Other people (Bob Sheets, Daryl, James Lewis, Reed McClintock etc) are all building on the Sack's routine.

    The Sach/Sack's thing is just a coincidence. Edwin Sachs died in 1919. Dr. Theodore Sack didn't release his version of the effect until the late 1940s.
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