"Dicewave" Self-Working Color Changing Deck **FREE**

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    "Dicewave" is a fun and COMPLETELY SELF-WORKING color changing deck routine! If you have never handled a deck of cards before in your life, YOU CAN PERFORM THIS TRICK!


    The magician explains to the spectator that they will select a card, but first, he will make a prediction. He writes his prediction down on a piece of paper and sets it aside. He then explains in order for it to be the most fair and random choice possible, we will decide which card we choose by rolling a set of dice. The dice are rolled and based on the number, the card is selected. The magician asks the spectator to open and read his prediction which simply says "A RED CARD". The card is turned over and shown to have a red back, however when the rest of the deck is turned over, all of the backs are blue! Everything can be examined and you end completely clean!

    You DO NOT need to know any sleight of hand to perform this effect. Michael goes into detail about set-up, performance, and theory to make this easy-to-perform miracle a fun and exciting effect for you and your audience!
  2. O'Brien, thank you for this. I liked your magic blog.
  3. Glad you enjoyed it my friend!

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