Did Shiro Ishida get the permission to teach those?

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    Shiro Ishida is a magician from Taiwan (now, I'm not sure why he has a Japanese name though).

    Lately, Shiro Ishida has released his new DVD at Taiwan. However, I was very surprised to see the materials that were being taught in this dvd after I watched its trailer.


    At time 0:39, Shiro is performing Indecent of Wayne Houchin. I thought that particular trick was not taught in his dvd; but I realized I was wrong after I read the dvd description in his site.


    For those who can not read Chinese, at section 2 "白魂不散 Shiro's Ambitious Card Routine", you can see "牌入密封袋 (Wayne Houchin & Houdini)"

    "牌入密封袋" means "card in the ziploc bag". Even though the credit was given to Wayne, I was wondering if he actually got the permission from Wayne to teach his trick.

    Other sleights such as Ego change, Jones change...etc. are also being taught in this dvd. Although Jones Change is freebie, is it even ethical to do so?

    This is his official site http://www.shiro-magic.com/Newdefault.asp
  2. I think you better contact Wayne about this one, but i dont know if he minds, i remember on one of Wayne's daily updates on his website, he talked about how The Masked Magician revealed Sinful on National T.V!, and Wayne thought it was awsome! who knows? but about the color changes, i think this should be checked with D&D as well as DG.

  3. Perhaps it's a different handling. Btw, that wasn't the jones change, that was the paul david spin change.
  4. Jones Change is at 1:20.

    Althought he performed the Paul David Change, He didn't specify if the change was taught or not in his description; so, I didn't mention that one.
  5. He did one of Dan Garrett's changes rihgt in the very beginning of the trailer.
  6. The stuff on his demo might not be the same material on his DVD.
  7. That would be false advertising, and it was covered that the description of the material on the videos does include the material in question.
  8. Alot of magicians rip other magicians off. Magic makers, bicyclemann, etc. Just contact the creator I guess.
  9. heh. and the production quality is absolute crap
  10. guys.. guys.. guys.. and
    please... please... please
    take a look on what happened in 0:32, first he pointed at his pocket and what happens is a card appear inside his jacket.... Why would you want your spectator to experience that... you point to a place and a card appears at another place... is this related??? come on...

    after that... why would you want a card to appear in your shoe...(spectator: i'm not stupid!)... and yes i can definitely tell you your spectator will say you have placed a card in your shoe before you approach them...

    after that is some colour change.. and i agree that its good... no comments, cardini change, jones change, classic colour change and whatever.. thats good

    and whats says on 1:37 is "Creative Routine 原創程序 首次發表" and what it means is "original routine, first time released" not going to say anything... guys think about it yourself...

    after i watch this trailer... i would just say its not worth...
    i'm not here to critizise him or having any offencing meaning... i just here to say what i feel... and after you and me would know that there still some magicians out there could do sleights better than us.... and why just not take a look that what we can improve? :D
  11. your post doesnt relate to the topic at hand...
  12. Coolest use of video editing I've seen in a long while... I don't think many people will buy this dvd
  13. That is VERY unethical, but at least he is good at the sleights...

    No one will buy this.
  14. Not for nothing, but some people are bringing up how many other magic vendors steal effects, when that is, for the most part, not as true as you think, and for all you know, you might be trusting a vendor who is not so much different ;)

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