Did the Omega deck already exist?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by yesopunk, Mar 14, 2020.

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  1. I purchased the Omega deck, thinking multiple spectators could cut in the deck as you see in the trailer, and I haven't received it yet however when I saw the instructional video I realized I already own a deck that works almost the same as described in the trailer description and as explained by Max in the video:

    -Spectator can handle the cards,spread them and see they are different
    -They can shuffle (mix) the deck
    -Spectators cut anywhere in the deck and you know exactly the card they are thinking of
    -You never touch the deck
    -You can even predict what they’re going to do, before they do it

    About four years ago I purchased this deck online described as ACAAN (Lu chen version), I bought it after seeing Lu chen's ACAAN performance.
    I don't know who the creator is since the deck comes without instructions, I just want to know if anywhere has the same deck and compare if they are similar or is only my personal opinion .
    Here are some of the performances, including Chinese magician Lu Chen's version:

  2. And Yeah, after seeing the explanatioin video I saw both decks use the same principle
  3. Sent you a private message
  4. Hey Yeso, I'm not super familiar with the other product you mentioned (I don't believe it's something commercially published) - but in general, as Max mentions in the Omega video - this is definitely not the first effect to use these core principles. Far from it! What's unique and new about Omega are the exact methods, materials, and fabrication techniques used to achieve the final result - and how accurate, reliable, and truly fair those specific techniques enable this to be.

    Certainly, there are many other ways to achieve a similar result (knowing the identity of the card a spectator cuts to) - some of which are even impromptu - and extremely clever.

    What sets Omega apart are the high-end materials (and processes) used to construct it, which achieves a level of reliability and accuracy - and fairness in performance - that wasn't before possible.

    For that reason, it's by far my favorite - and the choice of many other top pro's in the field like Oz Pearlman, Robert Smith, Calen Morelli, and Dan White.
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