Did Wayne Houchin leave Ellusionist?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tavio, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. i was just wondering cause i think his to good to be in the ellusionist team i think he belongs hear better.:cool:
  2. He doesn't work for Ellusionist. He just sells his stuff from there.
  3. I believe this is his site or will be his primary site.
  4. Exactly, it's much like Tiger Woods is to Nike. He doesn't work for them but they sell "Tiger Wood apparel" and such and Tiger woods gets free clubs and shirts. Much like Wayne gets free cards :). I wish I could get free cards :mad:.

  5. ooo ok thanks guys:cool:
  6. Greetings!

    I must say that I have absolutely no regrets about my work with Ellusionist, but yes, from now on Theory 11 is my home. T11 is a concept that many of us have had for a while now - I am thrilled that it has finally taken shape. I'll talk to you guys soon!

    Wayne Houchin
  7. I hpe he quit/ left ellusionist. He was the only reason why I ever even thought about buying something there and usually when I bought something there (which is hardly ever) it was by wayne.

    Hopefully I won't have to stress wheather I made the right choice anymore when I order.
  8. So, are you happy for leaving E?
  9. Ok wayne thanks for answering my question.:cool:
  10. caint wait to see some more of your material wayne keep up the good work
  11. Who did all the programming for the What Is sites? Liek the person that did the editing. It resembled a lot of your (Wayne) videos as far as production and editing technique goes.
  12. Rock on Mr.Wayne =)
  13. Will your work with the Ultra Gaff video still be coming then?
  14. That's really great to hear Wanye. Theory 11 is going to change everything, I can feel it.
  15. Congrats Wayne on your great success on T11 and the other work you've done, I'm a huge fan of all your tricks and incorporate basically all of them in my routines. I ordered Distortion as well so that will go into my routine, awesome site and hopefully we can chat in the future.

  16. To answer several of your questions:

    The idea & execution for WhatIsTheory11.com was all of ours (JB, BJ, CK, DH & myself). The production was done by Dana Hocking & myself. While I was working on authoring the DVD's, Dana kicked out the amazing teaser videos as well as coming up with most of the clues... in short, it was absolutely a team effort - but Dana kicked some serious @ss!

    As far as the Ultragaff project goes - Yes, that will still be released through E. That was my final project with Ellusionist - Danny & I are very excited to see its release & I'm sure you will be hearing more about that soon!

    Wayne : Houchin
  17. DG on T11?

    You seem to work very closely with Danny, and I will be sure to pick up the Ultra Gaff when it comes out (or recieve it as an X-mas gift if it's close to that time of year) but, will you be able to tell us if he may become an artist at Theory11.com? Since I've been reading all the things the staff has posted it seems he's been mentioned alot and may be another secret artist *cough Homer Liwag cough*who has yet to be revealed? I understand if it's confidential but, it can't hurt to ask :).

  18. Now that T11 has been hyped up so much, it will probably become ten times as popular as Ellusionist!

  19. Only if it lives up to it, it will. But I have faith.
  20. Let the force be with Theory 11. HAHA, I just felt saying that. :D

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