Difference between Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards

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  1. Now this question might sound stupid, but I'm confused. Is there a difference between the Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards? I mean both are selling at almost the same price on the Penguin Magic website. If there is can you help me with:
    1. Which one is easier to read?
    2. Which one has a more hidden marking system?
    3. Any additional bonuses to the decks (Double Backers, Blank Cards, etc)

    I believe that both come in mnemonica.

    Please help out!!
  2. I think there are multiple different marked maiden back decks. Bicycle has a trademark on their standard "rider back" design as well as their ace of spades. I think it basically prohibits people from altering their back design in any significant way.
    So it's really difficult/expensive (but not impossible) to get marked (and gaff) decks with the rider back design. That's why so many people make marked/gaffed decks using maiden (or mandolin) back cards. Penguin Magic's marked deck is a Maiden back deck, so you could be talking about the same deck. Do you have a link to the other Bicycle Maiden Marked deck you are referring to?

    I do own a couple decks of the Penguin marked deck so I can tell you about it:
    • The deck is a reader back deck and the markings are very clear so it's very easy to use as the magician. However, they can be rather obvious if someone is looking for them. That's why it's important to not treat your marked deck like a marked deck. That basically means you shouldn't spend a lot of time looking at the back, which is easy with this deck as the markings are clear. I personally prefer reader back decks for this reason. The markings may be more obvious, but that also means that I won't have to do any sort of mental work to figure out what the card is. So, the easy to read design has it's advantages and disadvantages.
    • Each card is marked for value and suit in 6 places (2 marks on each of the long sides and one on each of the short edges) so you'll always be able to read them no matter how the cards are laid out or spread.
    • The deck does come in mnemonica stack and comes with (unmarked) duplicate jokers, a double backer, and a blank card. Plus, you get a download with Rick Lax (I know he makes cringe Facebook content but he's actually a very good teacher, performer, and creator) teaching you a few easy tricks with the marked deck.
    • The newer runs of the deck are printed on Penguin's new thin "Elite" stock, so they handle super well.
  3. theory11 created the Maiden back design and developed the original marking system thereof with Andy Nyman, with additional input from Steve Cohen. I'm biased (!!) for that reason, but I think our system is the most deceptive, and favored by many top mentalists who use The Code.

    Note that after purchase of The Code, we enable refills (for $9.95) in your My Account area at theory11!
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  4. No actually. I think the second link you sent is a more hidden marking system because it definitely isn't the same one on the Penguin marked deck.

    I had no idea that T11 created the maiden design! That's really cool!
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  5. Yep yep! This was created around the time The Code was first released.
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