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  1. I really like the idea and the methodology behind this trick, but haven't been able to experiment it on real people yet, cause you need a fair amount of practice before being able to do it smoothly...but hey, it's just like any sleght of hand right ?
  2. but it's not sleight of hand ^^
  3. It's slight of mind, *Staples a huge card to forehead the reads CLICHE*

    But seriously that is the fun part of it.
  4. I think the more I'll do it, the better I'll be, but I'm yet to perform it smoothly enough to show it to anyone !
  5. it is indeed one of the most fun things in magic that I've had the pleasure of practicing.
  6. The Principle behind the effect is a really great way to pass time. Also, it's an amazing effect. When a deck is borrowed, it's even stronger. Paul Vigil says he can do a whole deck in 10 seconds. That's amazing. I'm in about the 30 seconds range.

    Still, I've spent many a study-hall practicing the mental part of it.
  7. Well, after being on the fence for awhile about this one, I took the plunge.
    So far (day two) I'm in the 45 second range. Long ways to go. Once I can get a consistent 15 seconds, I will test this one out.

    Great idea. Much better idea than it originally sounded on paper.

  8. Isn't it? Glad you took the plunge man, one you get it down perfect it will only get better when you perform it for the first time. I am excited for you.
  9. How do you guys ascertain the colour when you're doing full deck practice?
  10. Paul gives a method but it requires a perfect faro. Personally I up jog a fair chunk of one colour so like 15-20 black cards. Remove one and give it a quick mix.
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    Ah, nvm

  12. ehh, the faro method is good, but you get used to the pattern after 3 or so runthroughs. Your method sounds nice. I'll definitely be trying it.
  13. Great question- I learned this from a post of J. Warrens' at another site:

    Alternate your deck: red/black/

    Cut the deck and remove the top card

    Rotate the deck and start c******* the deck with the colour that is NOT on the face.

  14. Does knowing the card before you practice really matter?
    Cause I know the card and I still practice the move and I sometimes surprise when the card is different.
    So basically the knowing the or not won't really affect the practice, but this might be different for everyone.
  15. it does 6/13 times.
  16. i was debating on getting this because i hate buying one trick things, but this was definitely worth it and the *method is genius and can be applied to so many different concepts of tricks such as a memorization of the deck... its also unique so noone is going to catch you or believe you if you actually told them what you were doing. I love this and really say this is top notch and don't regret it at all.... will be solidly practicing this 4 hours a day for a week till i have it down to 10-15 seconds, awesome trick and can't recommend it any higher, best impromptu trick i can think of, i also like believe by Joel paschall but in two totally different realms, also im a big culler so i do an awesome trick by koysta kimlat, other then that any other top impromptu tricks you can think of?
  17. paul vigil

    Hey i was wondering if anyone had any of his other effects, sympathetic aces or ICON or any others that i might not be aware of...and if so ...how are they because i love diplopia and really like his stuff so far. also looking for some crazy cool impromptu such as diplopia, any ideas? also perfect stuff for walkaround magic
  18. Vigil's Sympathetic Cards routine is awesome. It's the effect he closes his show with.
  19. His Sympathy for the Devil is an amazing routine howere it is suited for the stage or palour type setting.

    Paul is such an amazing thinker that nothing he put out is even remotely average. His HCE routine has a lot of big names saying he should not sell it even with its high price.

    But this effect is something that is always ready to go and is a lot more powerful than almost any effect.

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