Dissolution | Luis Vega


Jan 11, 2008
Well, here is my review, and I hope you enjoy! :)

Dissolution-Signed Card to Wallet by Luis Vega is only one of the many effects from Luis' ebook, 'The Manifesto'.

So what is Dissolution?

"A card is selected by a spectator, signed, visually vanished before their eyes, only to be found inside the magi's wallet... and yes, it really is their signed card."

My First Initial Thoughts

Considering that the 'Signed Card to Wallet' is a staple in my performances, I enjoyed Luis' take on the plot. I too, like him, didn't want to spend money on a oversized, suspicious looking wallet, and decided to create my own, as well, but Luis' method is something that I really like.


Let's look at the advantages of Luis' 'Signed Card to Wallet'.

For one, you could use pretty much any wallet! Yes, read that again, no need to buy any gimmicked wallets.

Two, the "gimmick" (if you could call it that) is something mostly all magicians have and it will pretty much last forever! Yay! :) And if you need a "refill", no need, it will only take you less than 2 seconds, seriously!

Three, the added vanish is something that I find that makes this effect magical. I've used the vanish on and off, but Luis really made see the full potential of using the said vanish in the 'Signed Card to Wallet' plot. I see the use of the vanish an advantage because it's something that's visual and really hits the spectators in the face.


'Dissolution' is filled (high) quality photos that make the learning process easy, you will have no problems learning how to perform 'Dissolution', heck even if Luis' were to take out the teaching and just leave the photos, you could probably still understand it! Also, there were a few spelling errors in the PDF, but nothing that takes away from the teaching. To be honest, I caught them the second time while reading the PDF-just goes to show you that they don't take away from the teaching. The background for 'Dissolution' is somewhat gothy (if that is even a word) and dark, but I like it... really shows that the author is unique.

Will I Use This?

For me, yes and no. I can see myself switching from this method to my method, and this shows that I see potential in this. Although the technique for taking the card out is quite old, the added "gimmick" really sells the whole effect and pushes that old technique to a logical and new level, and I praise Luis for that! +1

Well, there you have it, I give 'Dissolution' a 9/10! Thanks for sharing this with me, Luis, and looking forward to, 'The Manifesto'!

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