Distortion by Wayne Houchin

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by A\\//F, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Was just about to get distortion, when I realized that it might be different from my expectations. Anyone buy it? If so, then please tell if it is effective. It simply amazed me.
  2. I use it quite a lot, its simple and hard hitting. good buy, in my opinion
  3. It uses a gimmick which has been known to be a bit delicate. But if you are careful it is a very strong effect which I recommend.
  4. Honestly man, distortion is a good but only for transpositions.(in my opinion) Because if you use as a prediction like cyril layman become too skeptical, unless you're on stage. I mean this is just from experience. People especially people you know will ask or grab the card. So distance is needed unless you use it as a transpo. But don't worry buy the dvd and watch and listen to EVERYTHING Wayne has to teach and explain. 4 out of 5 from me. Good buy
  5. its a good trick but i think its just as good as a impromptu card trans and it requires a gimmick that only comes in bicycle
  6. thanx a lot. i'll get it. hopefully it works good for me.
  7. trust me, it will.
  8. I love it!! One of my best tricks. One of my top tricks that people ask for at school.

    Although the gimmick is a bit delicate, I keep messing mine up even when I follow the tips from wayne... maybe it's because I'm perform it too much. :p

  9. I've been caught a couple of times. People see the gimmick in certain light as I'm waving the card.
  10. The gimmick is only delicate if your a cluts. Other wise its fine. You can be caught in some lights. I keep the gimmick in my wallet. I use it all the time.


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