Distortion questions.

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  1. Hi,

    I got some questions about distortion.
    First of all, if its done with a gimmick, then is it included ?
    Or the DVD teaches how to do it, which materials you need, etc.

    For seconth, the page says, that its coming out in october, but theres 300 advanced copies. It looks like a very stupid question , but ill ask because i simply dont get it.
    If i buy it now, then it will ship to me at the release date ?
    I just dont get that advanced copy thing...
    Could somebody clear it up correctly, please ?

  2. I already ordered mine, i think the 300 thing means they will sell 300 copies before Oct 1st if those 300 get sold then you have to wait until Oct 1st to get one (i think being on the first 300 must have some benefit besides having it first)
  3. SEARCH There is already a thread about this
  4. Yes there is a thread about this already but I'll be glad to help "just check next time in the future":
    Advanced Copy mean they're releasing 300 copies NOW before the actual date. It's like how movies have openings before the public release date sorta.

    And its already been told the DVD package comes with everything you need..I believe....


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