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    Ok, now for the review.

    The effect

    A card is chosen. In this case, it's the Six of Diamonds. The Four of Diamonds is also used. You clearly place the Six of Diamonds in the spectator's closed hands (in a sandwich manner), holding on to the Four of Diamonds.

    As you slowly shake the Four, the pips -- that is, the diamonds -- are seen to visually multiply and move across the card to form the Six of Diamonds. The spectator opens their hands to find the Four of Diamonds, and all is handed out for complete examination.

    The Gimmick

    Ok, lets talk about the gimmick. I know some of you may be worried about breaking it because there have been a few posts about that happening. But so far mine is fine. The gimmick will come as a blue back playing card, or a red backed one, its random. And Wayne said that when the official release date rolls around you will be able to choose.

    The gimmick holds up ok, I mean its a card, and its hot here so mine is starting to warp, so I guess ill have to put a book on it so it wont curl up on me. Also this is not something you want to fan with in your deck.

    The gimmick is easy to use. I don't want to go into detail about it though. Its a little hard when you start using it though, it will take a little wile to get use to it.

    It will last a long time if you take care of it. But I just have a feeling you will have to buy replacements or something every 3-4 moths. But they cant cost more then 12 dollars. BUT DON'T TAKE MY WORD ON THIS, I REALLY HAVE NO CLUE HOW LONG THE GIMMICK WILL LAST. So ask other people. but thats my guess.

    The DVD

    The quality is really good, but nothing comes close to the army of 52 dvd I have. It just looks so clear.

    Wayne goes over everything, and the effect its self is just easy. You could nail it in a 2 days. But I would suggest taking your time with it.

    There is a bonus that allows you to have the back of the card signed. And its just as easy as the first method Wayne teaches.

    Last thoughts

    All in all, this thing is worth it, buy it if you like the effect, the dvd is good you will have no questions after watching it, and just take CARE of the gimmick.

    Effect : 5 out of 5 stars

    Gimmick 3.9 out of 5 stars. Sorry, I just cant give it a 4, or a 3, so I had to do that.

    Ask me any questions you want. I will try to answer.
  2. Man... They only come in blue? That kind of sucks for me. lol I haven't used a blue deck in about a year. Only red. (Just preference) :)

    So I guess I should ask, Do you think its possible to make a red gimmick? I mean, If its possible I suppose I would have to PM Wayne and ask him if its okay by him. But, Do you think its possible at all?

  3. It would be a REALLY big pain. I mean these things are hand made, I would hate to be the people making them. But yes you could, but it would drive you crazy trying to make it.
  4. Thanks for the quick awnser. Ahhh well...I guess I'll just have to go and get a blue deck. Shame really....I had a streak going.

  5. Both red & blue are being sent out. They're already packaged for the advanced copies, but when we have the official release, I believe you will be able to choose which back you want. :)
  6. Sweet, Wayne posted here! now my topic will get a million views :D

    Ill update my review with that information.
  7. Thanks Wayne. Good to know. (Hope I get a red one) lol.

  8. I recieved my Distortion

    Pros: The gimmick is in 2 bags, to avoid moister getting into it. The dvd has great information and good handling.

    I am not one to buy a lot of magic stuff, I build a lot of my own things and create alot of magic. The moving pips card was a special thing to me, I had created many many versions with no documents to be able to help guide me.

    I talked to daryl face to face to ask him if he knew anything about how to create one of these. He said clearly that the version I had create "SUCKED". Another line he likes to say "It isn't right!".

    I later found a document talking about how to create this card, from "Magic Hall".

    So I created 3 more cards and used one regularly with good results. I saw wayne's version I said.. YES, I am sure they built a clever simple method to make it very commercial.

    I was very excited to get the gimmick to see how this version worked. I got it and looked at it, and was um, for me disappointed. It was the exact version from the document "Magic Hall".

    Don't get me wrong, I think thier product is built well, and trust me if you arn't good at making things, this is a advanced construction. So buying is your best route. The version I had built was much better, and was more useable. The true value out of buying this was the handling Wayne had. Otherwise I will be using my own gimmick until mine breaks.

  9. Hey Wayne, love your product- Is there any chance separate gimmicks can be purchased, or is it only sold with the DVD?
  10. Yes, he said that in another topic I think. That if you bought the dvd you can get replacement gimmicks. We just have to wait till the official release date and we will be able to.
  11. From what I've read, you cannot just buy the gimmick. You can only buy replacement gimmicks, as long as you have already have bought the DVD, after the official release date of October 1st.

  12. Hey guys...any tips for ideal lighting conditions so that the gimmick is not apparent? It seems rather obvious to me but has anyone been called out for the gimmick?
  13. My only advice is not to do close up and try to use this as a prediction effect and kinda walk off disappointed then do the effect. Use your shadow from the light if possible other than that I have not come up with anything and I am not a big fan of the gimmick although the idea is very cool and the effect is amazing it just kinda gets me mad that Wayne did this to apparently blind people because I did this in worse lighting and still picked up on it.
  14. For starters, I understand the method behind the effect; of course if I want to perform it, I will purchase it.

    My question is, is it during the change that people are seeing the method, or are you holding the gimmick still for a minute before "cleaning up," persay. Could you just "clean up" directly after the change, so that you don't have to hold the gimmick still long enough for it to be clearly observed?
  15. Yes it is taught in the DVD and basically once you do the effect you show it fairly quickly then hand out the "card" and you are fairly clean. Easy handling to create the end of the effect so basically if you like the gimmick and effect and have some slight misdirection then get it imo.
  16. So you actually had the spectators point out the gimmick? I've been able to do this in a dark restaurant no problem....but I would like to try this outdoors or in a lighted area. Doesn't seem like a good idea.
  17. Some people have different views on this item and I am one to practice it til I get everybody with it. This effect I could never get every person with it, maybe 9 out of 10 but still when you fail at the effect it just disappoints me. Great item all together but maybe if I could make it myself with different material it could work better.

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