Do NOT get Mystic Smoke from Fingertips...

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  1. Well, i'm sorry guys. I coudln't find a link to the video because my computer is dumb so just do this. Go to youtube. Type: mystic smoke from fingertips. click the first one.

    Now, when you watch the video you will see that this product looks amazing. The smoke looks so real and is very cheap. B.S!!!

    This smoke is cheap for a reason. It is a sticky glue that highly resembles ear wax and is rubbed on your hand to create nasty string like things that look somewhat like smoke to float off of your fingers.

    There are many reasons I hate it:

    1: Lets say you are doing a card trick and you want to snap your fingers and have smoke come off. Well, guess what? If you were to do that and then touch the cards you's ruin the cards instantly.

    2: It's gross and sticky.

    3: It is easy to tell that it is not smoke.

    4: It smells worse then a rotting corpse full of puke.

    5: You could buy ultrasmoke 2000 for more money but have it last forever and it doesn't leave you all sticky or smelly.

    Now, please do not buy this product no matter how inexpensive it is. Save your cash.
  2. I wouldn't buy the Ultrasmoke 2000. It uses chemicals that can be very harmful to your body.
  3. why not just stick a cigarette up your sleeve and when you want the smoke, provide some misdirection, take out a lighter, and light the cigarette.? thats alot healthier.
  4. 1. Ultra smoke is way to expensive

    2. It dosent last forever there are refills to buy

    3. The smoke is actually made with a puff of air combined with acid (no the good kind) (JK)

    4. You need to wear a jacket
  5. jeje yeah ive worked with this.. it'sn really stupid i hate it and smells horrible and it's a like a glue substance but doesnt work
  6. I am just saying that ultra smoke can be used a ton before it runs out. This stuff makes you smell, sticky, and it'll ruin cards and stuff. It makes me want to puke. Seriously it's gross.
  7. The air we breath right now is not really good for our body due to pollution, so it really doesn't make a difference.
  8. Right, so we're breathing bad air, so let's make it worse on yourselves. Your logic isn't flawed at all...

  9. Sounds really gross...
    Not that I would get it anyway. Purist :)
  10. I'm surprised this is still around. I got this in my first magic kit, from Tannen's no less, in like 1986.

    I had bownish orange stains on my shirts from this stuff, like an old bloody hand print.

    Still, if you're working only in moonlight, and your audience squints, it looks exactly like smoke!

  11. Logic?

    This is only bad if you're using it constantly and essentially huffing it the whole time. If you're using it a few times a day/week, I think walking through a room full of smokers would be more harmful. Or hanging out at a truckstop. Otherwise, it's not going to do any more harm than what most peoples' bodies are already used to.
  12. And if you use it inside? But yeah, I think it would be highly ethical and a good idea to release harmful chemicals into the air (no matter the amount) for your spectators to breathe. ;) I'm quite sure that if they found out it was dangerous, they could easily sue you and win. Well, they could sue you regardless, but probably couldn't win without proof... which wouldn't be that hard to come by.
  13. Oh man! I havent seen this stuff since I was a kid. I used to love playing with this stuff, I would never take it seriously though.
  14. Come on. What kind of weirdo goes out in the moonlight showing people magic. If you do this then you may need a concelor.
  15. I vividly remember buying this junk... unless the only effect you're willing to do in your sets is making spider web stuff appear out of nowhere, or suddenly cause the spectators to smell burnt pizza crusts, then do not ever get this. Buy another TT instead.
  16. I'm getting paid a substantial amount of money to do just this for a show this year...I'd need a councilor if i was not to do it!:p

  17. I'm sorry. Sue you? You may as well sue all the smokers around you, or David Copperfields act. He shoots a green laser, more harmful to the eye then red, directly at the audience in his laser act. This is harmful to your eyes, after all. :rolleyes:

  18. Yes, and they could sue David Copperfield, and probably win knowing our Justice System. I never said it was fair or right, just that it was possible. Remember the Mcdonald's coffee? :rolleyes:
  19. Considering the lawyers David has, I doubt it. And the McDonalds coffee is a moot issue. Cases like that can make it to the courts, but I can assure you the person suing will not win, if the case isn't thrown out right there.

  20. Touche'. (word count)

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