Do sealed card decks age?

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  1. Hi to all.
    I am very new to Cardistry and I bought two bricks of decks to keep practicing for several months. Just a question: do sealed cartds age? I mean, is it possible that after 1-2 years a sealed deck might not perform fans and other flourishes the way a new deck does?

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  2. If you live in a humid place, probably yes. But the main thing is, it wont make a huge impact on how a deck of cards handles. Best thing to do is to try fanning them and spreading them. If you think it doesn't handle very well, buy a new one.
  3. Where you store them will impact it. For example, all my cards are on a shelf - because a.) it's always dry and b.) the shelf is set back, like into the wall, so direct sunlight and therefore heat is not on them
  4. I know this is a little old, but I thought I'd add something.

    I bought a brick of Bicycles back in 2008 when I was starting out. I lost interest quite quickly though, and left them in a box in my house. I then moved cities, moved house four times and finally, in about 2013, brought them with me to the new city. I then left them there until i left the country. Last year I got back into magic and brought the cards with me. That was 2017.

    The packaging has changed, there are different advertising cards inside and the colour of the blue bicycles was lightened ever so slightly at some point. But quality wise they are as good as any new deck, and they've basically been kept in cupboards for a decade or so.

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