Do tally-ho's really clump up?

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  1. I was reading some threads the other day, and people were talking about how little time it took for their tallys to clump up. Has this happened to you?
  2. They're probably people with excessively dirty hands. ;p Considering how long they've been used by magicians (although Rider Backs definitely win them out), I doubt they are particularly bad.
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  3. I have heard that Tallys handle much better than Riders. Is that true do you think?
  4. Nobody makes better cards than USPCC in my onion - and Tally Ho is the same paper stock as any other Bike deck - clumping comes from humidity, heat and sweat and dirt. Always wash your hands with soap and water before handling your cards. Don't drop them on the floor or street. and store your cards in a cool dry place. (especially if you live in a humid climate like New Orleans, Louisiana and Florida)

    If you notice clumping you can try fanning powder, or springing them a few times, or laying them out separate and letting them dry out, but the truth is cards are not meant to last forever.

    Clumping cards? Toss it and buy another one. But no ... for the most part you should not experience Clumping with the Tally Ho design
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  5. Friends don't let friends use fanning powder. Sure it makes the cards slippery again for a while, but damn that stuff feels nasty on the hands. And it could cause lung damage if you inhale the cloud that forms every time you shuffle. For how cheap even an expensive deck of cards is, just buy a brick if you're expeditiously prone to wearing them down.

    This COVID19 thing should have you in the practice of washing your hands enough, anyway. ;p
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  6. David is completely right. Tally Ho decks are made of exactly the same card-stock and using the same processes as other USPCC-produced decks, including Bicycle decks.

    It's time to end the myth about Tally Ho performing better or worse than Bicycle decks. Most decks from USPCC will perform the same, and any variances are likely due to normal variances that happen with a printer, or the other factors David mentions, like using them with dirty hands, or just natural wear.

    This article may also help with further info about this: Factors That Affect the Handling of a Deck

    See also this recent thread which covers a similar topic.

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