Do you Crack your Knuckles?

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Do you Crack your Knuckles?

  1. 1-2 Times a Day

  2. 3-5 Times a day

  3. 6+ a day

  4. No, I do not crack my knuckles

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    Just wondering as to how many people here crack their knuckles and if so how many times.

    Also I would like to know your opinion as to how badly it affects you as you age.
  2. Just curious, but what relevance does this have to magic? Like I guess it could maybe prohibit finger movement or dexterity or something if you did it too much, but I dunno it just doesn't make too much sense to me to post this here.
  3. Yes sorry, I guess I will edit my OP.

    I just wanted to know as to how many magicians crack their knuckles to see whether or not I should stop if I want to continue in card magic.
  4. I've been cracking my knuckles since I was a young teenager, and I wouldn't say I'm the most dexterous person, but I also haven't noticed any big changes in dexterity from then to now (I'm 29 now).
    However, it's probably a good habit to drop, as it is potentially harmful (according to rumor), and grosses people out.
  5. I'm 15... I honestly never wanted to. It's kind of became a terrible habit. If I don't crack my fingers/neck often, it begins to get difficult to move them.
  6. Yea, same here unless I crack my neck/hands/arms/whatever often enough it becomes kind of hard to move. Like I can still move, but it's a bit of a strain. Actually, my hands aren't that bad when I don't crack them anymore, it's been that way since I picked up magic a few years ago. They used to be really bad before I picked up magic.
  7. Actually it is not a rumor, cracking your fingers wears down your bones. ( I do not know the correct words to explianing it).

    But alas, yeah I do crack my fingers. It is a sign that I mean bussines and it makes me look tough :3
  8. Not the knuckles.

    I have to crack my wrists though because of stiffness in the morning.
  9. I heard that it was just little air bubbles popping in your knuckles. There is something weird with my fingers where I can crack my knuckles endlessly.

  10. Same here... I used to do it alot too...but now I play with cards instead :D

    - Jenai
  11. Is cracking knuckles bad for you? I have alos heard that its nitrogen bubbles.
    Anyone know the medical stance on cracking joints?

    And yes, I do crack my knuckles and my back.

  12. Knuckle cracking is due to the nitrogen bubbles that build up in the joints. Its not harmful if you dont crack them so dont worry. What damages the hands is the stretching of the tendons and ligiments which causes the little bubbles to become a large bubble, then pop. Its the stretching of the hand (joint) that makes movement feel better. So the cracking isnt a problem, its the over stretching/strain on the ligiments :D
  13. This.
  14. I was cracking my knuckles while reading this xD

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