Do you have another hobby?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mikael, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Does any of you have another hobby than magic?

    Well ,I do.Playing guitar.
    [sorry if bad grammar]

    Yeah,it is really cool ,and makes my fingers stronger ,just as I need them for my magic tricks or better... FLOURISHES .

    If any of you wonders what type of guitar ,well ... Classic guitar,for spanish and western songs.

    So,let us all know about your other hobbies.You can even be a little street sweeper ,if that is a hobby xD.
  2. Woah! Edit that title, or I will personally murder you. No joke.

    Apart from that, yeah, I play about... 6 instruments.
  3. go murder yourself ,not me :|
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    Music is another one of my hobbies.

    As well as drawing, skateboarding, yo-yo,games/sports and writing!
  5. Funny you should ask. I also like to write short stories and I'm a total stickler for grammar...
  6. Change the title, don't be try hard douche.

    I make music, graphic design, web coding, yo-yo, martial arts and soccer.

  7. The title looks stupid

    I play Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Bass, Guitar, Drum Kit, and a bit of Keyboard.
    I also do graphics design, photography, animation, and 3D design.
    I sketch, paint, and spray paint.
    I play contact rugby
    I do a bit of cooking as well
  8. Wh4t ThAt Is MaDd, Go0D 0N YaH.

    That was hard to write.

  9. Well I love football, but i guess to most of you that is soccer. I also love my trials bike (motorbike sport) and I love painting and drawing :)
  10. Good to hear all this folks ,I also play soccer, do graphics and sketches and editing photos ,and I like to play other instruments as well .I want to see more htan that people.. something a little bit more interesting than usual things like those above .

    ohh yeah..and stop telling me about the title .
  11. I play several instruments, I read, parkour, diving and many other things.
  12. Piano
    writing poems (amateur)
    gaming (amateur)
    Digital Photography (using Point and shoot)

    But I have no time for any of those except for writing poems and magic. Uni life is hard, especially when you are an international student.
  13. If you want to see interesting and uncommon hobbies: nothing can beat the on my sister has - underwater hockey. :) Beat that one!
  14. - Playing bass
    - Playing guitar
    - Bodybuilding
  15. under-water hockey? how is that?
    Being Romanian , I never heard about it
  16. oH hI hOW r U?

    What a stupid title.

    I play Acoustic Guitar, Sing, Graphic Design, Web Design, BMX, Drink.

  17. WEIGHTLIFTING!!!! WOO-HOO!!!! hahahaha
  18. I body build and have competed in about 5 competitions thus far.
    Other than that...during the school year I am a 4th grade elementary teacher and a wrestling coach.
  19. I play tennis and violin. I also love to create animations on my computer, as well as write songs and edit videos. I'm also preparing for my Bar Mitzvah, but I don't know if you can call that a hobby. :D
  20. I do Parkour:), love football, play basson and piano :)

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