Do you perform at work?

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  1. I find it interesting how different companies' business cultures seems to affect individual people there, and how they respond if you perform for them. One place I worked at loved my mentalism and magic, and everyone wanted me to show it to their friend. "You gotta see this!" At a different workplace, people are like "meh... cool." And then go back to what they were doing. I have a career outside of performing, and I do like to perform for people at work. Not to the point where it is distracting them from their work, but to break up the monotony of the day.
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  2. All the time. But only because the place I work at allows it. When I don't have anything important to do, I can show customers some magic. The owners said it was fine so yeah.
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  3. I have a couple times but I work somewhere with a bunch of guys that no matter the presentation they are going to try and either mess me up OR try and figure it out. They ask me often to do something but I almost never do. The times I have I had to blindside them and make it so they were half way into a trick before they noticed a trick was even happening.
    My boss however gave me a copy of Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic as well as a few odds and ends magic related that he happened to have.
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  4. I say if Ed Marlo did it......go for it.
  5. I performed a few time at work, people watched politely but weren't really enthusiastic so I stopped.

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