Do you practice everything?

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  1. Hello!

    When you have been into magic for a couple of years you have probably learnt and come across more Controls, Palms, Color changes, Switches, Doubble lifts, forces, Vanishes etc than you remember then name of and when you are new to magic it can be fun to practice and learn new stuff.

    But when you become more serious about performing there will only be so much you can and will use in your proffesional routine.

    So my question is, do you practice everything you have learnt or just the things that you use?

    It seems like most magicians could performe sleights and tricks for several days if you asked them what they knew. What do you guys think is the best way?
  2. I use to practice anything and everything however now I just practice the things I use in performance as my set is pretty much solid now.
  3. I learn some slights I dont use to show people at conventions but I mainly practise only what I need.
  4. I only practice what I use in my current routines and practice sleights that I think I will eventually use.
  5. I mostly practice my routines.
    But sometimes I remember an old sleight, that I've learned and do it a few times not to unlearn it.
  6. When I first started I would practice everything I knew, everyday, multiple times. But once your into magic for a few years, you picked up all this material, it becomes harder and harder to keep up with everything. My priority when practicing is: 1. Tricks in my routine 2. New moves/tricks

    But some days I try to practice things that I haven't done in a long time just to keep fresh. Once you learn a new trick, if you don't practice it enough, then your going to forget how to do it over time. But if you practice enough, it will stick with you.

    To be honest, practice what you want to practice. You don't have to practice everything know unless you want to make a list and go through it each and everyday. You will forget that some tricks even exist, but don't worry about it. They'll come back to you.

    I hope this helps.

    -Cody Nottingham
  7. I try and practice things I would eventually perform but I would experiment as I learn different methods.
  8. well...It depends...

    I usually don`t practice my tricks (sure?, dissolution,Son of A Thief,Now..Where.., etc) since I could do them with my eyes closed...since I created them

    other people tricks...I do practice them and I think the best practice is to perform...of course before you have to get them down before...but the fear of failure makes you better...for instance, last saturday I was looking at a new trick in the morning...and I wanted to perfom it in the night so I practiced it some time and in the night I performed it and at the next was down in my mind...that`s what I meant about the fear of failure...

    tricks that requires little to very little practice...tricks like a torn and restored paper, rubberband tricks and gimmicked tricks requires little practice and usually I have them down in no time....

    My full show...doesn`t matter if there some tricks of the easy ones...I practice it completely...from the beggining to end... the full hour...well usually lasts like 45 min, but since I am interacting with the public and talking it last an hour
  9. I just make sure I practice all the sleights I need to perform the effects I want.

    Just going out and performing is almost always enough to keep everything up to where it needs to be, but every now and then a mirror check reveals something I think I can improve on.

    Anything I practice beyond that is just for fun. Like I love practicing coin magic, but hardly do much of it anymore when I'm actually performing--just gives me something to keep my busy hands occupied with in the car, and something to do with all those quarters I've accumulated.

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