Do you think there should be some sort of wall for magic on youtube?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by BasB, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Let's discuss this. Should this wall be bigger? Aside from videos of products that are on the market or being exposed while it is not theirs. There has been a wall in magic as long as we can remember, and the internet has definetely changed that. I'm not saying it's bad, but let's discuss it here. I'm especially talking about youtube.
  2. Well, you've GOT TO agree this topic has been approached ZILLIONS of times...
    But the difference in this question is that it does not ask if magic on YT is good or bad or even if it is on a grey area, this question asks if there should be a barrier for restricting laymen from viewing too much of magic on YT...
    Hope am correct in interpreting ur question(?).
    So, I feel a 'barrier' would prolly be a good solution. Now, it may not be the best, and it certainly is not actually doable for You Tube in particular. Because as it is, net neutrality raised a lot of controversy and this kind of a solution would seem similar to that to people. Also, other artists won't like magicians being given so much of thought.
    And this solution does interfere in the 'right to equality' prevalent in the world since the French Revolution.:)

    However, I myself have thought abt this solution many times and thought won't it be cool if ONLY THE VIDEOS THAT TEACH OR SELL ADVANCED STUFF are accessible to only magicians? How? Like, you know, something like a password, or something that tells us to 'upload a video of you performing a coin trick and one card trick'or something like that.
    I mean, it does sound like a REALLY good way to satisfy both ends of the problem, the fact that YT magic should continue to be as it is because it creates magicians and helps beginners, and also the other side that says that magic should be more exclusive as an art form.
    But honestly speaking, you know what? The magic tutorials on YT don't harm as much as magic trailers. And neither of them are really harmful, because laymen are not interested in that and even if they see it, they'd forget it until and unless a performer performs THE EXACT SAME WAY ad in a tutorial or a trailer. In that case, we can't blame You Tube or laymen.
    Also, for people to APPRECIATE something (remember, I am making a clear distinction between being amazed and appreciating something) they NEED a little knowledge. Unless they KNOW how a second-deal is done, they won't really appreciate a demonstration of an amazing second-deal trick. Yeah, they'll shout and scream and cry "HOW DID YOU DO THIS'' and all that. But you won't get that spellbound, mouths slightly open, minds blown not with the question "HOW'', but rather with the quiet exclamation of ''WOW''...and that silent applaud and the look in their eyes that tell you that you did not just perform, you created a piece of art for them and just for them and exclusively for them.

    So I feel whatever is happening, wherever we are going, we won't stop. Change is inevitable, and good too. We might not be comfortable, but 'change' does not care abt our comfort, it cares abt, changing.
    So I guess the best thing would be for things to go on as they are going.
    Things have a habit of turning out for the best at the end you know...
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  3. -watches a person beating what looks like a dead horse-....

    Alakazam... they both disappear....
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