Does anyone know about the effect FLOW?

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Theory, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. Wow...(word count)
  2. i must buy this where can i get it??
  3. I can't figure that one out.....AMAZING! Also you can do it with the RED BULL energy drinks too.
  4. It is coming soon at Ellusionist.
  5. well this trick stops me from buying an ultragaff deck i cant wait
  6. Holy mother of God, damn I will buy this for sure..
  7. woah, if you can do it with red bull, im sold...
  8. This trick looks so clean, it's sick! If it's possible to do with Red Bulls, then I will buy it!
  9. i know how its done.
    nice effect BTW
  10. well its great that you know how an un-released trick is done./..
  11. that is acually an old effect.. try doing a research on it. thats what i did last year and it paid off. :)
  12. it will blow you away!!!!
    you also have WOUND which looks absolutely evil.
  13. does the red bull one look good 'papercarane' person :p

    thats the one i'd be interested in....
  14. Im not sure about the red bull one because its not taught on the DVD. I think people have this confused with some other effect. I will let everyone know that there are more effects than just a water suspention on the flow DVD. I think many people will agree that the effects not shown on the demo are even stronger than the effect you see.

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