Does Anyone Know What Sleight This Is?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Sinful, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. At 2:15 when Dan (or Dave... never know who....) performs Commercial, does anyone know what method he uses to get it I'll call it "to the top" of the deck? (I know it's not really at the top, just saying that not to expose anything.)

  2. It's ''Charlie Miller's Cascade Control''
  3. I know the method but I can't say it because it will exposed the trick. I believe this trick is thought in Trilogy DVDs
  4. yeah (word count)
  5. The Cascade Control is definitely not taught on The Trilogy.
  6. Your exits are:



    Jordan Lapping is probably your best answer for this :) direct link to his answer is your final exit:


    - Sean
  7. Is it worth learning, it seems incredible.
  8. incredible, but still, i don't know the name....
  9. Are you reading the posts before you?
    Somebody already said the name
    "Charlie Miller's Cascade Control" XP

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