Does Buckethead do Magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by heavymetalholic, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. I am a huge buckedhead fan fan, he is my favourite guitar player.
    I was wondering if he did magic.
    I see a lot of his songs refer to magic,
    like electronic slight of hand and peppers ghost.
    there are more.
    so yea.
    does anyone know?
  2. He does magic with the fretboard. :) The man is a monster! (both literally with his size and figuratively with his skills).
  3. Yes, Yes he is =]
  4. Little known fact here - Buckethead is actually Hank Buck, Dan & Daves lesserknown brother. He got the KFC bucket idea from his last name vaguely resembling the sound of a chicken.
  5. And the best post i've ever read award goes to........
  6. Cool, never knew about those references before :)

    I'm sure if he wanted he could play fast enough to set something, somewhere on fire...

  7. Me? It's quite an honour.
  8. No he doesn't.Hes to cool for that.He plays guitar exclusively
  9. Joke, right?
  10. No most certainly not.
  11. Seriously? I think I'll ask Dan or Dave :O

    EDIT: I hope non of this is sarcasm. Its kinda hard to tell in text :O
  12. Lol my bad, it was sarcasm, I was bored.
  13. More like he isn't cool enough. Magicians are the cooliest (yes I meant to say that).
  14. Myself and some of the papercrane crew went in saw him and the dude IS a beast. I have never been to a show where a performer would play like a god do a 10 minute break dancing routine and then hand out stuffed animals like he was freakin santa clause. This is not sarcasm this sh*t really happened
  15. Sorry for bringing up an old topic, but I'm curious and VERY slow:
    Is buckethead really dan and dave's brother?
  16. No, it was sarcasm
  17. Wow, I'm bad.
  18. On a guitar standpoint, Buckethead is damn good. To me though- he sounds too... technicaly. I mean he comes up with some unique sounds and whatnot. But a lot of his solo's are continuously running scales that sound like he's just practicing finger speed. But I am somewhat of a fan of his stuff, so i'm not trying to bag on him. He just doesn't have that 'feeling' sound in his music. But out of the 3 guitarists in the new 'crappy' GnR, he did hte best in doing Slash's solos. Bumblefoot did decent. Finck sucked hardcore and butchered everything he tried to play (thank god he left).
  19. I'm going to his concert next month!
  20. lol

    Funny stuff

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