Does it make a difference to the spectators?

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  1. Does using a different method to the same effect make a difference to the spectator?

    Example: using a triumph deck vs triumph from the Royal Road to Card Magic using just a regular deck

  2. It can. It depends on the presentation and/or skill of the performer.
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  3. It can really depend on what you're trying to do. If you're doing a chain of similar style effects, such as Ambitious for example, or object to impossible location, then having different methods will help conceal what you are doing.

    Otherwise, I'd say no. I'd say stick to what you are comfortable with and you're good.
  4. Hmm. Yes and no. It really depends. But I would lean to yes.

    I was talking with Jason England when he was in town, and he pointed out that if you are doing the ambitious card and you use a pass that is unnoticed by the participant vs a double undercut, though the effect is the same (card comes to the top) they have a different understanding of what just happened. The double undercut handling looks like you are good manipulating a deck of cards. The pass looks like you did nothing, but had the same result, which is imo more impressive.

    Sometimes more procedure is more impressive (think Sam the bellhop without the shuffles lol)

    And then of course if the look is the same, (using a diagonal palm shift vs a pass to get the card to the top) then it probably doesn't matter much.

    If you are wanting to improve, record your effect done both ways and watch to see which looks more natural and less fishy.
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  5. Just give the spectator a witch slap wrks evrytime when they talk like this ^
  6. What?
  7. I believe that the "witch" came as a result of autocorrect. Replace the "w" with a "b" and it makes a lot more (or in this case, less) sense.
  8. Absent repeating an effect (e.g. ambitious card), the differences among methods really depend on the design and structure of the effect. Generally, one method will work better in the context of the effect whether that be because the method looks cleaner, makes sense in the context of the effect or works better because of the sleights used before and after it.
  9. Thank you so much for all the responses!

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