Doing Magic for Megan Nicole!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zenn_Darkfire, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. Are you performing for our benefit? What I mean by that is are you filming your videos to entertain magicians or laymen? Personally I don't enjoy your videos and you already know that your constant use of magic forums to keep us updated every time you upload a video irritates me but I'm trying to understand what your goal is by posting on magic forums, views? Subscriptions? Fame?

    I've never heard of pretty much all the "celebrities" you've "performed" for but gaining a following of magicians won't get you booked and it's probably not going to help get you much exposure.
  2. umm yeah, I have never heard of Megan Nicole.
  3. Formula, as I've stated many times if you don't want to watch my videos don't watch them. I post my videos because it seems that very few magicians actually film stuff anymore. I post these videos for both laymen and magicians to enjoy. I post these for pure entertainment value. I know I love watching videos of other magicians doing magic so I thought I'd share them for others to enjoy. I respect the fact that you don't like my videos, however I do find it quite funny you had no issue asking me to "showcase [your business card design] on one of your videos and mention me, nothing extensive just a quick mention." Just an observation. I love filming magic and I know plenty of people, magicians and laypeople alike, who enjoy watching magic (not just my videos, magic in general) I don't want to get in yet another argument with you on yet another forum (I did think you learned your lesson though seeing as they deleted your posts last time) I just thought some people might be interested in watching the video. Also if you notice I just said "Singer Megan Nicole" I did not say celebrity. I understand that not everyone is as into YouTube as I am and as a result of that doesn't consider certain people celebs.

    If you don't want to watch then don't. No one is forcing you
  4. I enjoyed the vid Josh!
  5. Thanks I appreciate that! =]
  6. Keep on performing and keep on filming. You're out there doing something and you have something to show for it. I'll be honest I didn't watch the video but I thought that you handled Formula's comment well. Thanks for showing character and class. You know what? I'm gonna watch that video now just because you seem like a classy guy!
  7. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate that. I'm glad that I didn't come off as rude. That meant a lot =]
  8. I never said anything about my business cards. I offered to design your business cards for free since I've done graphics for years now and in return to mention I did the design on one of your videos because you clearly can't afford to get them professionally designed.

    If you won't listen to me then listen to others. This is what I got in a private message in reply to my comment above:
    I have absolutely no problem with you posting your videos, just not on magic forums. Can you imagine if everyone made a thread every time they made a video?
  9. I meant the business card design, not your personal business card. The reason I brought that up is you obviously see some value in my videos, or the fact that people watch them, if you wanted me to specifically mention that you did the design in one of them. If you didn't care at all about my videos you would have just asked me to mention in the forums that you did the design, but I digress.

    I see no issue with people making a thread every time they have a new video. At least they would be contributing. There are a lot of magicians who seem to "talk the talk" but NEVER post footage of themselves. I would much rather see people post videos of themselves performing rather than get frustrated at the people who do (that was not a direct reference to you by the way, there are plenty of members on multiple forums who only seem to give negative comments to people when they post a video, yet never post their own)

    I do think its funny that for someone who doesn't like my videos you keep commenting on them telling me how much you don't like them. Again, like I said, don't watch them if thats the case. Also you keep mentioning all these people who PM you about my videos and how they hate them. Notice that those people aren't commenting in the thread. Now take a look at the people who did take time to comment.

    It seems that not everyone shares your views. Plus, to use one of your favorite responses, "This is what I got in a private message in reply to" YOU said: "Ignore that guy, he always talks about how so many people PM him, yet never says who. Anyone could write some comment and claim that someone PM'ed them it."

    Formula, if you don't like my stuff then please stop commenting on it. You're comments have been deleted on other forums when you do stuff like this, maybe you should take the hint. I respect that you don't like my videos, I'm not asking you to. I do, however, ask that you stop hijacking my threads talking about how they are such a waste, when I have yet to see you post a single live clip of yourself.

  10. "Karmically" uncool bringing up discourse from private messages on public forums.
    I honestly don't like this one either but I would offer Josh some advice along the lines of, "Josh I think those effects might play well live but they were a poor choice for webcam magic." Telling him he doesn't have a right to post in order to bring attention to a new video is way out of line. For god sakes have you seen some of the "New Move I came up With!" Threads around here? I have seen the "Cardini change," the "Hermann pass," and most recently......"OVERHAND SHUFFLE CONTROL!" Jesus H people! That's "Royal Road" Crap! But I never tell these new guys, "You shouldn't post that on a magic forum." Instead I tell them what they are actually doing(or someone else beats me to it) and hopefully nudge them in a direction that might lead them down a more proper path in magic. And quite frankly, picking up a deck of cards, playing with them for two months, and then assuming this move you came up with is original to you is ten times as arrogant, ten times as short sighted, and ten times as(dare I say) stupid as the worst videos Josh has ever posted.

    At last count T-11 has 14,277 threads in its' general magic forum. Threads pop up on an average of 10/day(maybe more?) I can barely keep up with this place. So perhaps you should take Josh's original advice. If you see a new ZennDarkfire post pop up, take a deep breath, control your Id, wait for two days and it will vanish into the abyss of the 14,250 posts that drop off the first page never to be read again except for the 10 guys on this forum who bother to use the search feature.

    Or you could keep being a hater(which should be a compliment to Josh BTW) and *****ing about him posting. This might serve to keep bumping his thread and keep it on the front page for a week or more. This in turn will inevitably lead to more hits on his YouTube channel, which, seeing as he just got partnered, will lead to more money in his pocket.

    P.S. Josh I really mean that about the effect selection for webcam magic. I wish I could give you some thoughts of my own on that but it is not really something I do much of. You are doing magic that is fine to practice on your buddies in a skype session but that is not the same as performing to a layperson via webcam. Look at the kinds of things Rahat would use on his trick roulette videos. That stuff was very direct and also had an almost mental magic theme to them.
  11. Thanks Erik! yeah I'm still working with what effects to do over webcam. I actually chatted to Rahat about this the other day. The two of us came up with some good effects for next time I do something like this. As I'm not really used to webcam magic, I've been trying to figure out what things work best and what don't. I know that this week I'll be doing some more magic during a live chat, and Rahat and I have already gone over which effects I should narrow it down to. Thanks for the helpful advice!
  12. It's not that I don't care about your videos. I enjoyed the videos you did a while ago at school or in an after school club or whatever it was. Being irritated by your updates on "celebrity" performances has nothing to do with asking to be credited for a design of a business card.

    People who talk the talk are 1 of two things, "keyboard warriors" or professionals that understand posting their videos on here isn't going to help their career.

    Yeah, I'm sure there are many people who don't share my view and love to watch your videos. That is what the subscribe button is for on your youtube channel. Why would I name and shame the person that sent that PM? It's a private message, if they wanted it to be public they would of posted it in here.

    1 post was deleted on thebluecrown and they asked you to post your video updates in 1 single thread rather than a new thread for every video. You still make a new thread every time despite them asking you to collate them. They also said that my post wasn't deleted because it was wrong, just that I should word it differently because they want to keep their forum friendly and don't want anyones feelings to get hurt.

    I am a working magician. I have a handful of videos online and I will never post them on a magic forum, why? I don't want magicians to follow me. I want laymen to follow me so that I keep getting booked.

    As I said, if your videos were actually of a high standard it wouldn't bother me that you post a video every week but you make out your performing for famous people. There's a huge difference between being booked to do it and walking up to so called celebrities at a youtube convention.
    eostresh said about the newer people in magic "inventing" "new" techniques that are actually already in print in so many places. For me, you are in the same category as those people at the moment.

    Is it asking so much for you to use one single thread for your updates instead of making loads of new threads? If I wanted updates I would subscribe to you or follow you on twitter.
  13. See, this is one of the reasons I tend to stay away from magic forums lately. Everything is so negative. -.-

    Simply put, if you don't like it, don't watch it and stop bi*ching. You guys might not have heard of these people but obviously thousands, if not millions of others have, give the guy a break. Geez....

    Nice video man. I enjoyed it.
  14. Thanks James I'm glad you liked it =]
  15. WOW!!!!

    Well if I had made a video then I too would want to share it with everyone and its not like he is using T11's web-server space!

    Like we like to do in magic.....keep it simple! friend! Don't click the thread if it annoys you. I am sure you won't have said the same thing if it was video clips of Cyril, David, Lu Chen, Brad......on and on....

    Come on respect & support the guy for what he is doing!

  16. Love your hat. Any particular reason for wearing it?? :)
  17. Thanks!

    lol It's kind of my thing. I've been wearing them since my freshman year of HS (I have 15 lol) I just love fedoras lol My friends have a saying that if you ever see someone wearing a fedora it's either Frank Sinatra or Josh, and seeing as Frank is dead....

    Also I know is stands out from a business stand point. I was chatting with Jay Sankey and he said "I like the hat, smart branding. Helps people remember you."

    Thanks for commenting! =]
  18. You can add Jason Mraz and Bruno Mars...they always seem to be wearing Fedoras.

    The video was nice, the effects were pretty cool, but I have to agree that you're much better live. It's a lot harder to do webcam magic (not something I'd want to try, personally) but definitely keep at it - finding the right effects is probably more important than when you're doing something in person.
  19. Yeah I much prefer to do Live Magic, however in this case I was requested to do magic for Megan so I had to oblige lol. Thanks for the feedback! =]
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