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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by chriswiehl, Nov 7, 2009.

  1. I was just reading a review on E about one of their shirts, and one of the shirts said that wearing that shirt for a few days and people will be calling you magic man.
    I cant stand being called magic man. Yes i am the man who does magic but i would rather have people know me as Chris the magician or the Chris, he does magic.
    I know that when this happens, people dont know who i am, just that i do magic. they dont know my name and this doesnt help when im trying to get gigs.
    they'll say, Oh i saw this awesome magician, Whats his name? i dont know.
    this is a big problem. people only see you as that kid who does tricks, not as a performer, or really as just a person. they'll see you walking around later and be like. OH its the magic man. but they dont know your name, they dont know anything else about you.
    when i go up to a table or a group of people and introduce myself. i tell them my name is Chris WIehl , thats pronounced wheel , like a tire. This is one thing i do to have the people remember my name. i let them have that last name ring. Wiehl. which is almost as good as remembering my first name (you can find a wiehl easier than a chris in the phonebook or online) Also i put in a few jokes where i talk in third person which gives me a reason to say my name.
    also i try to do a trick with my business card, so i can leave them with a souvenir. sometimes they dont even realize it is my business card untill the end, so its not a forced feeling that they have by business card.
    but thats some of the things that i do.
  2. 'My friend who does magic' rather than 'the magician who is also my friend'.

    Good call there.
  3. "Who's That?" "Oh that's just The Chris, he does magic."

    In all seriousness I was thinking about making a thread about this exact topic a few minutes ago, looks like you beat me to it. I agree with you 100%.

  4. Yeah, if this happens and I really want them to know my name,

    do a french kiss - the trick, but, yeah, you can do this for real too, if the audience is cute of course - and write your name there instead of a signature.

    Let 'em keep it, they'll be staring at it for ages; it worked for me, not sure if it will work for you too.

    But, mostly, people remember me as, "the magician who can make a card appear in his mouth". >_>
  5. I actually don't care to be called a "magician". Not because I'm embarrassed by the term, but I feel I do much more than that. It's just the stand out aspect of what I do because it's different. It's easily not my best talent. I'm a much better musician, I'd like to think. And magic to me is much more than just a trick, so I tend to avoid performing for people under the wrong situation like "show me a trick then". And I also don't feel I'm worthy of the title quite yet. Just because I'd study to become a teacher doesn't make me a teacher, it makes me a student. And that's my opinion of magic. If people hesitate to call me a Musician, I don't feel that they should be calling me a magician.
  6. Well, it's important to know these people first and let them to define you as a human being too.
  7. well i dont mind being the magician, but its better than just being known as the magician. its nice if they know my name too. its just better all around.
  8. I also dont like being refered to as the magic man. I hate it as it dosent feel right but im glad it dosent happen much... But people often say show me a trick with your magic cards. I would really like them to just say can you show me a trick or can you show me a trick with your cards. I hate it when people say magic cards....
  9. i think what it comes down to is success in networking. I perform a lot at the college i go to and im not always doing it to network. As a result many people only know me as "magic man", "card guy" or "holy **** what was that". That doesn't really bother me, i perform enough that i dont expect every person who has seen a few tricks to memorize my name, however, if im in a group of people who have seen me before, or a group of people who seem generally interested in seeing more and possible clients later on, i make a note to really hit home my networking. I do effects that involve my personality besides magic, i have a few tricks where my name is required, whether it be my signature or just them saying it and i spend at least a good part of the routine talking to the spec's and telling them about myself as well as asking them about themselves, but THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!! if you do not want to be just that magician, is a BUSINESS CARD!!! You could have the spectator with the worst memory in the world and they might have no chance at remembering your name, but if they can just reach in their wallet or purse and pull out your card, your set. A decent substitute is a card with your name on it but there is nothing as good as a Business Card. Make an impression, show them your more than just magic and then give them something to take you seriously as a performer.
  10. Yeah, I guess I wouldn't want to be called that either. Yet like some other people in this post I am definitely not all magician, I'm more known for sports. In sports ya really don't get called "That guy who plays football" but rather by name. It's different with magic though. I totally agree, incorporating names into magic makes it more interesting, I think, but more importantly getting to know your name.
  11. Generally speaking its hard for individuals to remember specific names, they tend to latch on to a personal experience that happened to them. My friend was telling me about this, it doesn't mean that you aren't performing to your potential and at the end of the day is your name an important element for your audience to remember?

    My friend, paul scott, got past this problem by dressing differently that allowed him to stand out from the average generic magician. Even though his name wasn't remembered frequently he was known as the 'magician in the tarten blazer' that in itself was enough to secure his identity.

  12. i know most pro magicians want woudl go against what i say, but i think its the nature of the beast....for one, i could care less if they know my name or not....eventually they'll knwo if you are good enough...i mean do you know how many people to date that don't know david blaine or criss angel......its millions and millions....

    with that being long as my gigs and performances are going well, and we are having a great time....the other stuff is secondary to that...i mean we want to make a living off this....we want to support that doesn't matter to me....

    but thats just me...

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