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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ReapingDevil, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Hmm..

    Cool, nice work, I like "winged" aces :p

    Very good for just using a pen/pencil


    Take care,

  2. Very nice I like the style of the Ace itself, not to busy but very stylish. The pips are tight too.

    So... Back design? :p

  3. Wow. You seem pretty skilled with a pen. Looks good.
  4. Looks okay, I just think that the wings and extra designs taqke away form the Ace of Spades, you know? It seems overly flamboyant even, whereas if you look at the ghost deck for example, the Ace is the main focus, then there are lots of small aditions to it.

    keep at it ;)

  5. I really liked it but I think the pips underneath the As would've been better left plain. It detracts from the main focus a little. Other than that, loved it.
  6. I like everything about it. It is very stylish and especially for doing it on wite lined paper with a pencil. If you ever try to take more time on it and make another one that is better, I would reccomend making it more straight up and down. Other than that, it is perfect.

    Dylan P.
  7. thanks everyone, i used fineliner....only cuz i use fineliners for everything instead of ball point pens :/ personal prefernce. yeah, the wings, i added at the last second, the pip...ill try not to take it away from attention of the middle spades. i didnt look at many ace of spades, this was inspired by the tally ho ace.

    the next time (when i actually have enough time) ill try making something concrete, maybe even a back design? anyone have any other suggestions? =)

    @dylan : thanks, making it more straight up and down? u mean the slant right? haha. didnt notice it until afterwards.

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