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  1. Hey Guys

    So i have now the mirror deck and also a double backed card....could someone write a message to me which tricks i can do with it? ( If you want you can publish the list with the names of the tricks here in the thread too ,of course)
  2. you could put the double backed card on the top of the deck and go thru an ambitious routine
  3. You could put the double backer on the bottom of the deck to make it easy for a deck flip, while all the other cards will be face up.
  4. Sorry, i dont get it xD
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    there are numerous topics about this already
    just use the search bar
  6. Sorry i should have explained more. If you put it on the bottom of the deck, you can show all the cards to be faced down. and if you can secretly turn it over with some misdirection or the cover of your hand, it looks like the deck is still face down. So, for instance, you could tell them to put his or her selected card in the deck face down, when in actuality they are putting it in face up in with the rest of the cards, which you can just turn back over and now there card is the only face up card in teh deck.. That is just one little use.
  7. ...or we could run through a few ;)

    The Trick That Fooled Houdini. Dai Vernon. Basically an ambitious card with a double-backer and the Marlo Tilt. Worth learning. I do a variation of it without a double-backer, but it's excellent both ways.

  8. thanks for helping...

    I searched before and found a thread but all the people in this thread said: " you have a message" or " check your box" and this doesnt really helps me :(

    hope to hear some other ideas ;)
  9. "Encyclopedia of Card Tricks" by Jean Hugard has chapters devoted to DB & DF cards. The book is inexpensive and there are 600+ card effects.

    Best regardz and Merry Christmas to all you Cardicians...

  10. a color changing card called the kameleon deck. or maybe it's chameleon deck...whatever.
  11. I do an effect with a double backer called "one step ahead". It's in print in my Linking Ring parade, Feb 2007. Look it up. You'll like it.
  12. Daniel Garcias Satisfaction Guarenteed.
  13. I don't understand how that would work.
  14. He means (I think) using the double as a convincer for the DL in the first phase - If you turn over a double say after a tilt (chosen card 2nd, double backer 2st), you can show them one card, replace and turn over the double again. It's just a nice little convincer - although, if's only really useful for one phase imo. No sense putting extra sleights in to control two cards to repeat that.
  15. Yeah it only makes sense for only one phase in the ACR lol

    Thanks for helping Guys

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