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  1. I tried the site
    No 'contact us' portion.
    I have an issue with re-capping, can anyone with the product DM me with advice, for me it looks very awkward.
  2. There's a "Send Email" button at the fourth from the left. Right click it and copy the address (I would post it here, but I don't want people randomly emailing him)
  3. I didn't even see that! Holy **** I'm dumb lol thanks dude!!!
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  4. I'd like to think this is just a case of overthinking it. I've used Double Cross, at this point, almost 100 times and although it sometimes feels as though I am 'flashing' or handling it obviously, I have never gotten caught and it gets some of the strongest reactions. I'm sure you are performing it well, just over analyzing for the sake of perfection! Good luck! I hope you find all the answers you need!
  5. I have had the issue too a few times. I almost palm the entire back half of the marker. I have yet to be caught as well but would love to figure a way to make the uncapped portion black underneath so you cant tell if it is uncapped. Also I get ink around the seal of the back cap and it sometimes ends a little on my fingers during the performance....
  6. I was doing XX yesterday and had the same issue of getting some ink on my hands. I once off the cuff said, "one of the hazards of working with sharpies, unfortunately" and no one second guessed it and it became my go to line if i smudge myself. I've tried to clean the edges of the inside of the cap but due to it being part of a stamper, I'm not sure it's avoidable.
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  7. Thanks for the help guys!.. Great ideas!

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