Double deal.

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  1. He guys!
    I'm wondering if anyone out there could help me!
    I've spent some time now trying to nail down the double deal.
    Through much online searching I've found very little content on the subject.
    I'm currently using Expert Card Technique to learn the double deal from but I'm hoping there will be people out there more experienced who could give me some tips

    Thank you and kind regards.
  2. I haven’t practiced the double deal yet, but I own “The Real Deal” by Jeff Lianza, and in it he teaches 2 variations of the Double Deal. Maybe you could check that out.
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  3. Thank you!
    I've tired using walter irving Scott's bottom deal as a double deal with some promising results but the way the cards are held for this is just not very natural... when a routine 'lost aces' already has some dealing involved and then to change grip screams unnatural.
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  4. There are 2 types of "double deals." Taking 2 cards as one from the top (top and 2nd card) and taking the top and bottom cards as one. (I guess taking the top and center card could be considered a 3rd type of double deal, but I've never seen anyone attempt it.

    Which did you mean? From you comment re: Walter Scott it appears you're talking about the top/bottom type, but I want to be sure.

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  5. Hi Jason! Good morning.

    So from what i understand from the double deal is you take the top card and as so carry out a bottom deal and when taking(dealing) The top card you use the bottom deal to a line both top and bottom cards and deal as one.
    Now, my bottom deal has only really reached a good point through a jason enland video.
    What I ment by Walter Scott is in phantoms of the card table - not the original but the wonderful book when (i can't remember his name) went to visit WS and in the back pages after a wonderful story of card sharks and his life.
    there is techniques like how to make and use a bug and operate it, 2nd strike deals and a bottom deal.
    I was referring to the WS bottom deal as a way to perform the double deal. :)
  6. It is the top card and bottom card together jason and it's a mega pain to get right!!
    Any help would be amazing!
    Thank you
  7. Not sure of how you're performing a bottom deal, but when I do a double-deal from top and bottom, I use the tip of my right forefinger at the short end of the cards, near the upper right corner to square (and keep square) the short ends. I also use the tip or side of my right 3rd finger at the long sides to square (and keep square) the cards along the long edge. If you deal slowly, you can achieve almost perfect alignment. If you deal quickly, you'll only achieve "okay" alignment, but the extra speed my help to hide any inconsistencies.

    See the attached photo. Hope this helps.


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  8. Thank you so much for this and the extra effort you went through to help me.
    I really appreciate it!
    Hopefully I shall achive my double deal goal.

    Thank you jason. :)
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  9. If you like the double deal, look up "Double-Deal Aces" by Gene Maze. It's in his book, Gene Maze and the Art of Bottom Dealing.

    It's not a miracle, but it's a nice trick that uses the double deal to good effect.

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