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    Guys, thanks for your help, but I perfected my double lift a long time ago. Thanks for the help.

  2. I just lift off two cards on an off beat or something

    you can also just push over two cards with your thumb, put your pinky under them, and then pull them back
  3. Derren Brown's Velvet Turnover is a very nice alternative for a double lift. You kind of need to be in the right situation though. It can be found in his Video/DVD The Devil's Picturebook

    Really, any double lift that you feel comfortable with is the double lift you 'should' use. (I hate saying should because I don't think magic 'should' (hah there I go again) be tied down "do this, do that, don't do that it's disgusting!" If magic is tied down, then you're tied down and that makes you uncomfortable and your audience uncomfortable.)

    Personally, I recently got a 1-Way Deck. I sat and did an ambitious card routine and after each stage I noted down how I turned the card over (obviously I wouldn't need to double lift or anything strenuous) - be it normally or in a flourishy manner. (Flourishes aren't my thing... But everything has it's place)

    If you take not of how you do things naturally, try and build your moves and routines around that. If you feel natural, your audience will feel more at home with you because you're having fun with them and your rapport with them will increase greatly. Apply geographical positive multiplier effect (sorry revising at same time :p) here and you'll get really decent reactions. :)

    Just my point of view for ya there. :)

    - Sean
  4. What is your problem? I perfer the strike DL
  5. There's a real nice DL in "Richard Kuafman - The Complete Works of Derek Dingle" that I always use. I think it's the same one Blaine uses.

    The easiest double lift is probably to just pry up the cards from the back while talking, get a pinky break, and turn them over. For the harder ones such as the one taught in CC2...just keep practicing I guess. Good luck.
  6. i made a double lift to fit my needs. you should do the same. mine is as follows. riffle number of cards desired with thumb. contact edge of cards with edge of thumb. push cards off deck by the edge. my double lift allows me to do a second deal pretty well. (if you do the second deal in the erdnase bible.)
  7. Sunful, if you don't mind me asking how long have you been doing magic? Just trying to get a better idea.

    Now for your question, you won't like my answer. But just keep doing it. Thats all you can do. Do it all day long, but don't stress over it. When your watching tv, just take the card and turn it over, you will get a feel for it. Its the weirdest thing. Magic is all about muscle memory. If thats the right word for it, not sure. But keep going at it. When you first start out, its hard. It takes a good 6-7 months some times up to a year to feel at home with a pack of cards. At least it did for me. Maybe I'm just slow.

    Well thats my advice.

    If you don't get better at it in a week. from doing this, let me know. Pm me on here. ill give you my msn and ill do a webcam with you and work you through it.
  8. What's up with the hubbub of these "strike superman thumb go major phail" double lifts nowadays? No one is content, with a pinky break?


    third, there are so many. look for a BOOK (commonly overlooked) and learn it. thats the best way i think. books are so much better. my opinion.

  10. Oh shut up. Don't learn for E or penguin? what is wrong with you?
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    I have seen nearly all the material mentioned in this thread thus far. Here is what I have to suggest: Gregory Wilson's Double Take. I hear R. Paul Wilson's DL is incredible as well and I am sure someone can point out where you can learn it if interested.

    Other points:
    - I use the same type of deck always
    - I actually prefer a newer deck as opposed to the deck I practice with
    - I use the Strike DL and I don't use any other DL
    - Now I have a reason for this. I am a firm believer in conditioning your spectator with your common casual movements. I will turn a single over the same exact way I do the Strike DL and I will do it the same way in every routine. This way there is nothing "out of the ordinary" in their eyes that I am doing.​

    The Strike DL is about touch and memory which is very important when using decks of different stock. Certtain decks with casino grade stock feel like you are turning over slate tablets with doing a double, whereas a double with standard stock feels like turning over a single in casino grade stock. I am not kidding you when I say I have a deck of cards nearly everywhere I sit on a regular basis (the couch, my home office, my desk at work, the room I am forced to smoke in) and I practice my DL constantly.

    My son wants to learn magic at 9 years old and I told him once he can do a DL without me noticing it I will teach him something else. My take is he is either going to get tired of practicing it or get good enough at it that it shows me he really wants to learn more magic with cards.

    Regardless of which DL you end up sticking with or where you learn it from just make sure it looks like a natural movement and you are comfortable doing it. I am not going to steer you away from anything just letting you know what has worked for me and what I found valuable.

    As an aside here is a link to a thread discussing a bit on the Strike DL:


  12. May I ask why you think this?
  13. Firstly LOL AT THAT GUY who wrote crap about E and PM.....

    OK now to the DL part of this thread.

    When I wanted to learn the Ambitious Card, I went for the DVD by the 'Magician's Magician" aka DARYL.

    In this Video, his DLs were so natural it scared me...

    I don't know if this DL has been called anything but here goes.

    riffle with thumb 2 cards
    push two cards so that it will bend it in an arch
    stick index in the bend
    let go of middle and ring finger
    this will snap the cards and make it look like one
    turn cards over with other hand's index and thumb

    hope this is not exposure .... cause I think Double lifts are all too common to talk about exposure about, except really fancy ones ( diving board double)
  14. I can only say that double lifts with a pinky break are, in my opinion, the better of all the double lifts out there. You can push off both cards as one as you would a single card and not push it off at an angle as the push-off double is taught.

    If you struggle with getting breaks and don't want to push off the two cards, getting a break via misdirection, then a pinky count really is the best option. One of the most useful things I overlooked until about a year ago was the pinky count.

    EDIT: a good DL, as mentioned earlier, is R Paul Wilson's which can be learnt here (scroll down till you find "Double Your Pleasure"). This is a video of Paul his DL: Second one down.
  15. I find the pinky count hard :( and pushing cards is considered bad by Daryl
  16. I just use thumb count, and i dont even do it good, but i just see the perfect timing, when spectators are not looking, or when im talking to them, throw in a little joke, everyone has a good laugh and BOOM there is your thumb count with pinky break.
  17. Just because Daryl says it's bad doesn't mean it is. It can be pretty effective but I prefer burnable moves.

    The pinky count won't just come to you like a knack, you actually need to build the strength up in your finger. Moving it independantly will come to you after a little practice. Defintely worth it.
  18. Like many said, the pinky count is a very useful move for not just double lifts, but for counting a certain number of cards from the top secretly. Darwin Ortiz, in his Card Table DVDs, does give some tips on the pinky count. You may wish to look it up.

    The pinky count was taught to me by a random magician I met in a local magic shop. It took me some time to build the strength and the knack to do it, and it took me an even longer time to force myself to use it.

    Now, the pinky count double lift is the only way I do my double lift. I just get the break under 2 cards, use my right hand to flip the card over as casually as possible.I sometimes add in Mr Asher's Diving Board Double for good measure.

    Just remember that double lifts are about holding more cards than you look like you are actually holding.

    - harapan. magic!
  19. I agree with jimbowmanjr
    Greg Wilson's DVD Double Take is great for learning DLs
    This DVD is the one that actually taught me how to double lift
  20. I came in here to recommend Greg Wilson's Double Take...looks like I've been beaten to it!

    Brilliant resource on the double lift and a few other bits and bobs. Should be in every card magician's library if you ask me.

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