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  1. i use the one from born to perform. its really easy, what problem are u having with it?

    by the way, the double lift is not the most important sleight. there is no such thing. i used to think this too but then i realized that i only used it in ACR. every sleight is of equal importances.
  2. I think that if you use it only in ACR, you are not using it enough. I used to fliped out spectators with two most easiest tricks in the world that uses only double lift. "Rapid Transit" from Royal Road, and one faze fro ACR where you do a double lift to show a card (eg. 4H) and flip over, than put the card on top of the deck (indifferent card) in the middle of the deck, then do another DL to show that 4H is not on the top of the deck, flip over. And the rest is presentation and showsmanship, how will you reveal that 4H is now on the top. It's the easiest one's (and maybe ridiciluous to our magicians), but spectators just dont beleve it, its a real magic to them.
  3. Thanks for the help guys! I think that probably my best bet for double lifts would be the double lift from Oz Perlman's Born to Perform. The Push off double lift from Crash Course 2 is a bit more risky to get caught and can pick up more than 2 cards... If that happens... well I'm done for. ;) As for whoever says you should not learn from Penguin or Ellusionist DVDs.... Just stop talking please. :p Although a lot of people view Ellusionist a bad company (I picture them the same as Theory 11... I have problems with both, but they are still good companies) Brad Christian is still a great teacher and I would recommend his stuff before getting into books.

    Anyway... guess I'll open up a new deck of Guardians, sit down and watch Superbad for the first time, and just do my double lift over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.... if I need some help in a few days I'll PM one of you guys. Thanks for the help! :D

  4. The first DL I learned was from H. Lorayne's Book "Close up Card Magic". It is described in his ACR . It served me well in my early studies. Later I came across "The Card Magic Of Paul Le Paul" and his method soon became the DL that I use to this day. That was in the late '70s. I still use the Lorayne method but I use a turnover from Stuart Gordon which is very deceptive. I believe in an old saying that my art teacher in 8th grade ingrained in me..."INTEREST is created through VARIETY". It doesn't hurt to know more than one technique to accomplish the same thing IMHO. But, many will disagree. Follow what your heart whispers to's the only thing you should listen to. And, keep it simple and consistent.
    Dom Kabala
  5. The strike double is, I belive, the name of the double I use. It's virtually uncatchable and wow does it ever look natural. I have no idea where it's published but I developed it on my own. Just keep drilling the muscle movements into your head and it will become effortless.
  6. OK, what's wrong with learning from Ellusionist?
    I learned all my basics from Brad Christian and the Ninja and Crash Course DVD's... (Of course, Theory11 didnt' exist then...)
    Did I do wrong? Do you thing this are good ways to start learning magic and have good foundations?
    Or do you guys think it would be better if i bought "The Royal road to card magic" book and start reading and learning...

  7. Nothing, it's just people being antagonistic just ignore them and don't let it ruffle your feathers =)

    Hey, we all learn our own way and find our way through the mountain of material out there. We all walk our own path which makes the magic journey interesting and enjoyable. It would certainly suck if there magic was a one way street with 50ft walls on both sides of the street preventing you from doing anything other than what everyone else was doing. If it works for you stick with it.

    I think it would be a good book to have to learn from and reference as often as you wanted. Again that is entirely up to you. Enjoy magic!

  8. Nothing. Learn - end of story. Where doesn't matter. How doesn't matter.

    Get RRtCM, and you'll see just how inferior your education to date has been.

    But never underestimate the value of what you've learned.
  9. Learn from source books, i.e. Card College, Royal Road to Card Magic (book or dvd), or try enlisting help from a magic shop or a pro magician. And as for Penguin Magic, Syd Segal recommended Counts, Cuts, Moves and Sublety by Jerry Mentzer, and Penguin Magic was notonly one of the few sellers that actually had it in stock, it was also the cheapest price. I've had no problems with them.
  10. Can't beat Penguin's prices. ;) They are honestly the Wallmart of magic, yet they go unnoticed.:(

  11. Well, glad to see that the recommendations for Greg Wilson's DVD have been largely ignored...

    The magician's cliche always used to be "if you want to hide something, put it in print". Now I'm beginning to think that this should be re-evaluated a little: "if you want to hide something, keep it off pengiun, ellusionist, or theory11".
  12. Not sure if this has been said before, but get a copy of Jamy Ian Swiss' lecture notes. You'll find his sleights study system (which is incredible), and a whole chapter devoted to the double lift.

    Having learned the strike double lift from him personally, I am hard pressed to find somebody else with more expertise.

  13. Try Lee Ashser's Diving Board Double. You can find it at his website.
  14. Best Double Lift

    I don't mean to sound snide but the best double lift is the one you can do that looks like you are turning over a single card. Whenever I learn a new trick/move I try to go through the actions as if I was really doing what I want the audience to think I am doing and then seek to duplicate that "look" while you perform whatever sleight you need. There are MANY double lifts and any of them can be the "best" one if you are able to make it look natural and normal and like it looks when you turn over ONE card. It takes practice - and I suggest you practice the move while NOT looking at your hands.
  15. Thanks guys, but I've had my double lift down for a LONG while now. :p I just push over 2 cards and get a break. ;) Thanks for all of the recommendations though!

  16. Dai Vernon Push off double lift

    Dai Vernons push off double lift is by far the most natural of all double lifts I have seen and the only one you will ever have to learn. Check "The ultimate secrets of card magic"
  17. I actually just lift up the top two cards on the offbeat then i will secure my pinky break. Then I pinch them in the middle and turn it over. it looks very natural.
  18. My current favourite DL is the KM Double turnover...

    Why complicate things?? This is EXTREMELY simple, I have only been practicing this for 1 month and it is nigh on FLAWLESS!! Not trying to boast just trying to help ;)

    It's deceptiveness stems from it's simplicity, like all great magic....

    Good Luck!

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