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    Well Finding out that a teenager that cant do a double lift has been lecturing me is kind of a shock

    Well I do
    David Stone's Double Lift
    and other Flashy ones
    My favorite and most impressive is Brian Tudors One handed Double Lift
    I also do Asher's Diving Board(most of the time Brian Tudor's Version)
    Its my Avatar too

    EDIT-I guess you learned it 4 months ago but still
  2. Well i know how you feel. There are different ways in executing the double lift. But i use 1 method always. For a double lift or even a triple lift, i use my thumb to push off two cards to the side and once they r off to the side, i put i pinky under it holding a break. The break makes it easier to lift the double. Play with that method if you've never tried it. Because for me it's the easiest and sometimes most deceptive. And yes sometimes deck quality matters. Because if the deck is really clumpy, you wont be able to do it that good.

    Good Luck
  3. can any1 be helpful and post the different types of double lifts on the media section. im clueless on the different types of double lifts and i need help as my handy old double lift has been exposed several times and i want to see various styles of double lifts and experiment with the different types of double lifts to consider if its time to change my style of doing the double lift.:) pls help would be appretiated .
  4. He's right, use books ;)
    take Robert Giobbi's Card college 1 or 2, the DL's are very good though simple :)
    (it is know to be found in ebook torrent but i prefer buying them, <3 the 2 books^^)
    for the rest, try as many as possible, because often you'll need a different one every time..and learn one that you could use to turn over a single card. To have a similar action to turn over one or two cards is a good advantage to help reduce suspision
  5. Well, here's a problem. The double lift is not the most important move in card magic. When it was originally invented, it was meant to be used only when absolutely necessary.

    Anyway, if you want an alternative, you could use DG's ego change.
  6. I've had my double lift more than perfected for a while guys. Thanks for the help though.:p

  7. Just because the double lift was not the most important move in card magic when it was invented doesn't mean it isn't now. I don't think there is any move which is more important today.
  8. One Hand Revolution
  9. That move has nothing to do with card magic, let alone being the most important.
  10. What about the overhand shuffle control or forcing?
  11. Strike DL

    The best double lift method, in my opinion, is pushing off to acquire a break. I've never been caught with that. Also, once you get past the mechanics of any move, I feel that the best cover for that move is to not worry about the attention you attract to it. I remember watching Justin Miller talk about how he preordains every move when no one could possibly be looking, and how his most necessary tool was misdirection. Unfortunately, sometimes there's a hound in the group who will not be misdirected, and I feel you should cater to that person as well. If you can do nearly every move with someone staring right at the cards, you'll be better off (Top changes and things of that nature not included).

    On a different note, I find great fault (on a personal level, I doubt this is a universal problem) with the Strike DL in the inconsistency with which the cards will remain flush. I've never been able to keep them perfectly flush on a regular basis, and I feel that this is a deal breaker. Assuming this wouldn't be exposure, (if it is, disregard the following,) do you maintain contact on the DL with your thumb AS you're striking the cards, or do you make that move strictly with the fingers, embracing with the thumb later?
  12. While this DVD teaches a lot of way to do the DL, I find Greg Wilson to be a horrible teacher. It always seems like he is on speed or something. When I watch his DVD's it always seems like he is in a hurry. IMHO he is a guy who should stick to preforming and should not be recording DVD's to teach people sleights.

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