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  1. Lately I have been working on new typed of double lifts, some more flashy then what I'm used to, similar to dan and dave buck's methods. Sometimes when performing, I use a very safe lift with my thumb on the back of the deck and middle finger on the front. It makes it very obvious to magicians that it is a double lift, but I am unsure about its credibility with most spectators. For me it is a 99 percent success rate which is why I use it. Other times, I use one of two kinds of strike double lifts. They look the best, but are not reliable every single time. Id say on out of 20 maybe i only get one card or three.
    So the big question is how does the safe double lift appear to spectators as compared to the strike double lift. Can they really tell the difference?

    I uploaded a video of the safe lift ( I am sorry I dont have a better term for it ) followed by two variations of my strike double lift.

    My video camera is broken, so the video is filmed from my cell phone sitting on the edge of my desk. I KNOW the quality is bad, please bear with me.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. ive been wondering about the same thing.

    from the angle it was filmed they all look good, the second one being the best.

    but the spectators are not going to be at that angle, so i dont really know which one would look better too them.

    i think the second one, would look the best.
    Of course thats my opinion, im sure it wouldnt hurt to get them all down and just experiment.

    best of luck
  3. I liked the second one the most and it should be a very convincing double lift for laymen.
  4. The second way is the best and most convincing. Although all of them were fine.
    I do it the second way and no one has ever suspected anything.
    I think the most convincing double lift is the way Joel Paschall teaches in Believe...but its really unsafe.
  5. In my opinion
    for DL, Simplicity is key.
    Ask a laymen to hold a deck in mechanics grip then turn over the top card. do this with 3 more laymen. see which method they use. do a double which looks like it.
    I would say your second one is the most natural and convincing.
    by the way, the Dan and Dave double is called FLOOP by Simon Lovell. Apparently, im not sure, Simon says that they did not ask for his permission to use it and now he calls them the F**k brothers. haha. sorry if thats still too much profanity or what not
  6. heheheh.

    I want to know if this is true or not. But Dan and Dave need a comeback...

  7. I would generally use three types of double lifts:

    1. My hybrid/modified version of Larry Jennings' Snap Double and Derek Dingle's Double. (Or just a simple thumb count and turnover)
    2. Hybrid/modified Pushover/Slide double by Vernon, I think.
    3. Double lift specific to tricks or other sleights such as pinky counts for Chris Kenner's for4for switch.
  8. It really doesn't matter...

    Think about this concept for a moment, laymen do not know about double lifts. They are not going to watch how you turn over a card and speculate whether something was wrong with it... they're laymen, they don't watch as close as we do. As far as making it natural for the spectator, nearly any good double will do. That said, years ago I went through a spell of getting called on my double... And I couldn't figure out why... In the end, I was blind to how badly I was doing it. Since working on it I have never been called out again. So once again, do the move well and it doesn't much matter what lift it is. Thats simply a thing magicians watch and do to stroke our own ego's.

    Secondly, it is important to do the lift you are most comfortable with. If you can only get a strike 3 times out of 20, drop it from performance. You are only causing yourself to make mistakes. And remember that we aren't in this to fool magicians, whether they know you have a double or not is, in the end, irrelevant.

    Take it easy,
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  11. I use the safe lift and the twirl lift that DnD use in the Jones change. No one questions me.

    Some people say you should always lift a card the same way, but I disagree. People (you too, if you weren't a magician) lift cards all sorts of different ways. I would mix your strike and the safe one. That's not to say you can't use a break on your strike.

  12. Do the lift that feels most comfortable.

    Always aim to fool your spectators, not magicians (I think this quote was made by Harry Houdini in the book Houdini on Magic but I could be wrong on that).

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