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  1. I'd like to know your preferences on double lifts. Which type do you use the most?
  2. Pushoff is the easiest for me. The DL where you spin the cards on the top of the deck is useful if I want a more flashy approach. Also, I recently learned Ben Earl's Loose DL, and I really like it.

  3. Strike its really natural. But for ACR its better to get a bit flashy, keeps it less boring.
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    i very softly thumb count into it
    (i was first doing the snap double from daryls ambitious card
    but got good enough to do it softer and softer and softer
    until it is _very_ easy to hide in front of their eyes)
    and then its free game
    i like to mix it up between
    blane style display
    and sankey style display
    i find that this is the best double lift from scratch

    ive tried the bucks double from center
    its pretty cool
    it has its uses

    i hate the forced double that they use
    i dont think it fools anybody
    its the one they use in card to mouth

    diving board double is too crazy
    it arouses suspicion too much

    ive tried the strike dl but never got anywhere with that
    it wasnt as consistent as i like

    im sticking to my thumb count
    i can easily select how many cards
    and it works 100% of the time

    if its not from scratch i always try to use the previous move to get a pinky break under however many cards i need
  5. The Snap Double it what I use most of the time. The others I use are the Strike and the Push-Off.
  6. I most often use the standard "basic" techniques most people use today (which I unfortunately cannot give a credit where it is due). However you will also frequently see me do the "Stuart Gordon Double Lift", or Dave Buck's "Spin Doctor Double". :)

  7. I just casually riffle up the back of the back and keep a break.. it's easiest for me.
  8. I guess the best advice would be to make your double look exactly the way you turnover a single..... Laymen shouldn't be able to tell the difference, thats the most natural way..
  9. What is the name of the double used in TiVo 2.0??
    I don't think it says on the 1-on-1.:)
  10. I do only two double lifts - the push-off (the way David Blaine does it) and the standard double where you get a pinky break, but I am trying to do it like the Bucks do it - with a Vernon style push. In fact both types are not easy and require many months of practice to be made perfect and I think the double lift is a sleight that must be made perfect as any misalignment of the cards may betray the move and ruin the trick, the magic and the performance.
  11. Hi 3ofClubs 93,

    The double you're referring to Dave Buck's "Spin Doctor Double", it was published on page 6 of the PDF, Sleightly Magical (April, 2006) and then on page 7 of the printed Sleightly Magical booklet (August, 2006). It has been most recently published on Disc 1 of The Trilogy (2007). The technique was apparently inspired by Steve Freeman’s handling of Larry Jennings’ Center Double first published in Genii Magazine (July 1981). :)

    Hope this helps,
  12. I usually use the Spin Doctor Double, although I do go back to a Push-Off DL every once in a while when I'm not feeling fancy. :p Peace!

  13. I believe that's Derek Dingle's.

    Well said!

    I don't actually at the moment use double lift at all in any of routines I perform. I am comfortable with pinky count and a casual turnover like Juan Tamariz does, it is defenantly the most convincsing if the situation is right.
  14. pinky count ftw!

    I think it is the best way to get a break under two or more cards...

    i am trying to master it... i ve got some troubles doing it right l100% with a new deck

    it's one of those sleights that deserve your time of practise

    Darwin Ortiz teaches it with details at one of his videos, cant remember it right now
  15. i have a bigish hand
    so the cards default to deep mechanics grip
    there is just no way i can make a pinky count look natural from that
    so im sticking with my thumb count + roll
    i think having all of my fingers cleanly lye on top of the deck looks much better
    than having the pinky and ring finger be inconspicuously dipping below
    also it is _very_ important to keep everything as normal as you can
    the best thing you can do is to dl from your natural deck grip
    you dont want to be switching grips to dl
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    i think a pinky count is much more invisible than the thumb count. Thumb count happens in the front and could be spotted more easily...

    anyway, i use thumb count when i am nervous because it is easier and can get the double without a chance of mistake...

    just a little question: how do you lift the double after acquiring the break with the thumb?

    P.S. pinkycount break is ideal for the 4for4 switch
  17. I use about five different techiniques regularly.
  18. the one that bill malone teaches on his ACR.. is by ed marlo

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