"Double Lift" variant

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  1. So I was messing around with my cards, and I don't know if I've seen this before or if it goes by a different name since it might not technically be a double-lift, but it seems like it could be used the same way double-lifts would be.

    The move would be the desired card on the bottom, and using your thumb to pull the top card off while simultaneously using your fingers to pull off the bottom card as well. If you pinch them together as you pull, it can look like you just took the one card off the top, but now you've got the two cards in your hand. Set both back down on the deck and proceed with whatever double-lift-enabled trick you want.

    Is this called something else? I think with the right angle, you could easily hide that you're peeling off the bottom card, but is the "pinch" too slippery for a safe double-lift? Maybe there are ways to transfer to a more solid hold, or make them stick together better?

    Other thoughts?
  2. My first thought as a spectator would be why did he peel the card from the top just to put it back on the deck.

    If there was some natural motivation for doing so, and you could get the cards flush with each other with consistency, and you can think of some utility for it, use it in your magic.

    This sounds more like a control to the second from top position to me, rather than a double lift variation, unless you were going to show the bottom card immediately?
  3. Yeah, I'd be showing it to them right away, making them think I just showed them the single card from the top, but I just pulled two cards so I can start with the misdirection card on top - which was kind of why I was thinking of it as a double-lift variant, since it achieves the same purpose as a double-lift.

    But yeah, the pinch move seems to difficult to keep flush. I'd have to figure out some additional move to keep them lined up without looking suspicious, or I can't think of many other ways to use this move.
  4. I mean, what’s wrong with using a traditional double lift to achieve what you’ve described?

    Also for the pinch, if you place your index and ring finger so they are contacting the bottom card, and your thumb on the top card, when the two cards come together- apply a little pressure to make the cards bow, that might keep them flush
  5. Cuz I have trouble with double-lifts :rolleyes:

    But I was wondering, cuz this seems like it might look a little more natural if I could get it to work.
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  6. I think it’ll look a bit like a push off double when you get it.

    If it works for you man go for it, when you’re happy with the move a video would be cool. You might need to incorporate some sound misdirection into the move because I imagine there will be a click.
  7. If you can do it lengthways, (or thereabouts) you could do a thing where you pass them the deck whilst doing it, which would mask some of the move, and then you show them, and put the card back on top.

    Then you could ask them to cut, for example, and continue from there.

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