Doublecross handlings

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Doublecross is one of my favorite (and easy) tricks I use as an opener, simply because I think it works best when you haven't established yourself as a magician yet.

    Of course, the obvious way to transfer the cross is the way it is shown in the instructional video but I just wanted to know what different handlings of this you guys might have.

    How do you sell it or legitimize touching laymans hands, or do you have any other way to get the cross across (haha)? I've been playing with the idea of doing it by handshake but after testing I noticed that people realize if your handshake is a bit weird (because you have to bend the finger inwards)
  2. You could always load it while their focus is on another, seemingly unrelated trick. It would be in the same way you'd steal a watch or load something underneath it. Maybe you have them hold their hands out for the finale of a card trick, load the X, then have them keep their hands out for Double Cross. Idk just an idea lol
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  3. I usually partner this w Parapad

    I apply the move as part of the Parapad routine - then move into a Parapad routine.

    Once I’ve done a mind read and they settle down after going crazy a little...then I say on an offbeat “oh shall we try something else?”

    It requires a sharpie swap of course

    But the fact you’ve never been near their hands during this next bit freaks them out even more
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  4. I love double cross and tend to overthink it as well at the moment of marking ha ha.
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  5. I don’t have any original handling to transfer the cross but I found a cool convincer : when I’m going out with friends and I know I’m gonna perform some magic I ask my wife to keep the sharpie in her bag. Then before doing the trick I ask if anybody has a pen while searching my pocket and she casually gives it to me. I can then « try it out » before doing the routine so there is no doubt about the genuineness of the sharpie.
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  6. SAME! It is so simple which makes me overthink it!

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