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  1. hey guys,so ive been working on the diagonal palm shift for like 9 months now and i do it a little differently so tell me what you think and advice is rllllyyy apreciated thanks alot.

  2. I like the idea but do you not think it would be a little angle sensitive?
    I think i was only able to figure out the method because i worked for so long on my own dps.
    Other than that it was very smooth
  3. Dude that was pretty awesome! That is a nice way to do it.
    But, to make it more "invisible", instead of showing your left hand empty and jesturing, just drop your hands to the sides, and maybe ask the audience a question. Then, casually (still keeping eye-contact with your audience), bring your hands up to waist level, and steal the card there.
    That would truly be perfect.
    You already have the technique down, so just work on the "body language" and patter, and you will have a great versatile control ready to go.
  4. This might sound crazy but I was playing with the SAME EXACT idea today on webcam on tinychat earlier today. The reason being I was playing with ideas with natural movements to execute the DPS
  5. haha cool great minds think alike haha bit to much..haha
  6. haha :D

    Yeah dps is by far my favorite sleight

    I have a few more touches on it..we are doing the same exact thing but what you need to notice is that when it is in ready position you can pause there for a moment. Maybe even riffle the front portion of the deck and you can steal even slower and smoother without any worries about weird finger moments from the left hand :D
  7. fooled me haha no joke
  8. tbh i dont like the idea. you are very good at it yes but the showing the hand empty kind tells the audience something is coming. so If you can figure out some other way to do that, like what Ramsus said, then it would be epic
  9. I would like to ask you something if you don't mind.

    Imagine that you could make a card appear in your pocket. Just imagine it. What would your hands do? Sure, showing your left hand empty is totally fine because you want to be so clean. But if the "card" is already in your pocket, then why would it swing back to the deck to do nothing with the deck at all?

    Wouldn't the deck be not important anymore? The card is in the pocket yes? Then why would your left hand go back to "swipe" against the deck before going to the pocket.

    I like delays in moves, but you delay it at the wrong moment.

    Its like me saying "I'm going to make your card appear in my pocket", show your hands empty, then handle the deck then go to the pocket. Shouldn't it be "I'm going to make your card appear in my pocket" show your hands empty and GO TO the pocket?

    Anyways, I like the way you are thinking about delaying the DPS but remember that there HAS to be a reason for your hands to go near the deck. I know you are going near the deck to DPS the card, but you need to also do something else, otherwise that's the only thing they can attribute the reason your left hand went near the deck.

    Hope that makes sense.

    -Tony C.
  10. hey tony thanks for the great advice but i do have a reason but thats when im using my patter i just wanted to show my idea but i do have patter for it and a reason but thanks again ur advice was great!! :D
  11. I have a couple of problems with this video. As people have said showing your hand empty is unessesary and to me seems to add suspition.
    This to me doesn't seem original to me, it seems as though the only difference is not stealing the card straight away, but waiting a few seconds.

    As well showing the bottom of the deck to the audience seems irrelevent.
    As well unfortunately there was a flash that I caught watching the vid.

    Reading through what I have written makes me sound like a jerk and I'm not intending to. I'm and just trying to give some constructive critasism.
  12. It's better.

    One thing I still think is backwards is telling people your hands are empty before the steal. You can say that, but you say it too early.

    Why would there be anything in your hands? You aren't doing anything yet. I would DPS the card out, have them shuffle and stick the card in your pocket while they aren't looking. after they are finished shuffling, THEN tell them your hands are empty and go to the pocket. Remember to do some "magical" gesture to indicate that the card traveled to your pocket. Like let them riffle the cards and say it went back there.
  13. I agree 100% with Mr. Chang there. You're running when you aren't being chased. Also, by saying, "Nothing in my left hand," then putting your hand to the deck with the necessary pause for the DPS, "Nothing in my right hand" ... it draws attention to your hands when you want them to be looking anywhere else.

    Even if you can perform a sleight completely invisibly, there's no reason to draw attention to it during the dirty work. It's always better to do a sleight when there's the least amount of attention possible on the work, in my opinion.

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