Dr. Manhattan change cleanup

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Ffksk, Aug 31, 2020.

  1. Has anybody come up with a better way to cleanup this color change? Because it's so good but orbit's cleanup seems inconsistent and a little suspicious to me

    I tried sort of culling the card to the bottom but it flashes on the way

    Any ideas are welcomed
  2. it depends on what you want to do after... is it just a change and clean up? are you doing it in a changing sequence? where do you need to go after the change?
  3. What if you change it back to the original card? Maybe not always a good idea.
    Anthony Owen (in his book SECRETS) has a move called the Caravan move which would in itself end with a different color change after the Manhattan, changing the top card into a facedown card while cleaning up the dirty work.
  4. Chris has this sequence here

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  5. @Liderc that's exactly what I was picturing (only way cleaner than what I'm capable of as I was practicing it lol)
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  6. he also had this idea... like a 'reverse Manhattan change' into a Manhattan change' idea

  7. That's what I mean, like that cleanup has to be done so fast to not be seen
  8. Maybe I just have to keep practicing, but I can't seem to get it smooth
  9. it is an awkward "cleanup" Chris has probably been doing it for years before releasing it and you can still see it has unwanted 'tension' and is awkward

    it will depend on the motivation and where the next step is, is it the "end" of a routine, or is there more after

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